Monday, June 2, 2008

June 2, 2008 UPDATES!

Invitation to the RED PLANET

We would like to invite everybody to create their characters in Mars Server! Start your online gaming adventure in the red planet.

We are temporarily preventing character creation in Mercury and Venus Servers until we optimize and increase the capacity of these servers. In the meantime, should you attempt to create characters in Mercury and Venus Servers, you may encounter a “DB error” message.

Thank you for your continued support. Happy e-gaming!

Scheduled SERVER Maintenance [June 3, 2009]

We will be having a Scheduled Server Maintenance for all CABAL Online servers this coming June 3, 2008 Tuesday at 1:00PM-3:00PM.

Gamers are advised to log-off from the game at least ten [10] minutes before the Scheduled Downtime.

Thanks for your continued support for CABAL Online!!!


YUDA ng Exile Village said...

eh bakit po hanggang ngaun sira pa rin ung on-line regitration nio??? pa'no na mangyayari??? ang tagal na rin kasi eh..

Anonymous said...

dagdagan nyo po yung channels ng mercury puro red lahat

dennisbercasio said...

hehehe uu nga mag maganda sa mercury weeeeeeee sana dagdagan pa ung channel

lvl 22 lng aq ngayon eh
name nya XianHeliot