Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stern Warning

Good day to all CABALIERS, it has come to the high guardians' attention that there are CABAL Gamers wrongly utilizing the power of force as they succumb to Third Party programs- Auto Loot, Auto-Skill, Auto-Potions during their training across the different field maps.

Please be reminded that policies regarding the use of such BOT/Auto-Programs will be strictly enforced. We advise all gamers to avoid getting contact with these types of programs as we will not be responsible if your CABAL Accounts got hacked or got suspended for utilizing these Third Party Programs.

As such , we are encouraging all CABALists to please be vigilant in protecting our newly establish community against these type of abusive gamers.

As experienced online gamers, we are aware on how grave these types of abuse will bring to our daily game play and community. CABAL Online is a very promising game and everyone will be given the responsibility in maintaining and improving the game community for CABAL.

Should there be feedback/reports regarding the proliferation of such BOT/HACK Programs in the community, we encourage everyone to please report in the proper channels. You may send your report to cabalonlineph@gmail.com

Let us all work together in making this game BOT-free and fair to all. Happy E-Gaming!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Using bot/auto-program as clearly stated is illegal. How about UI modification (this this not create advantage over other players)?