Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Team e-Games @ JAM 88.3 FM- Your Kind of MIX

Team e-Games will be visiting Jam 88.3FM this morning at around 11am to promote our games and introduce CABAL Online as we all move forward to the Commercial Release this June 12th.
To all CABAL Games and e-Gamers, we are inviting you to please listen [if you have time ^_^] to Jam 88.3 FM this morning for DJ Gab's radio show.

Good Morning! ^_^


Anonymous said...

hi Jay,

i am a radio jock in Dagupan City (106.3 HOTFM) and i play Cabal. with the "cabal game" speading in dagupan i wonder if you accept like radio ad proposals. i commercial natin para mas marami maka alam sa game. you don't have to worry about the payments. i'll arrange EXDEAL. kahit items nalang sa shielder ko. hahaha.

if you're interested, pls email me. daisy-chan@live.com

Anonymous said...

gm may nkita po ako Bot
name nya WizardDimple
mga bandang 4:24 po
nkita ko cya at kinausap ko
paikotikot lang sa puno at ndi nag sasalita puro kill monster lang ang alam nag sawsaw na ako wala paring react! at kill ko n cya bumalik prang wala lang nangyari sa kanya balik sa trabaho cya ulit
server po mercury . . .!

abigail said...
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abigail said...

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