Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nevareth Expands, Another Domain Discovered

Capt. Abraxas of the previous generation of sages is deeply worried. The dark star has risen; and although many CABALists have volunteered to help prevent the impending doom, the kingdom can only accommodate so many people. He was worried that starvation and chaos might get Nevareth before they could stop the rising of the Dark One. “There must be a way to deal with this,” he thought.

Scrambling his old scrolls and ancient books, he scanned every page hoping to find a way to save Nevareth from congestion. Alas, after many sleepless nights, he finally found what he was looking for. According to the record, there exists a spell from far beyond the honorable ages; a spell so powerful that it could open new worlds, even dimensions beyond human comprehension. But before he could perform the ritual, he needs the help of a trusted and talented friend.
He called for Naiin, the force wielding prodigy from Desert Scream. Capt. Abraxas was confident that Naiin will be able to gather the materials that the ritual required.
Naiin came at once. She listened to Capt. Abraxas’s story, wincing and shuddering at every mention of the boss monster’s name. At last, Capt. Abraxas was able to convince her that there’s no other way to save Nevareth. Naiin agreed to take the quest and began her perilous journey.
Weeks passed with no news about Naiin or the special core. Finally, on the fifth week, she appeared at Capt. Abraxas’s doorstep. Exhausted, she collapsed before she could even knock at the door.

On the same night, Capt. Abraxas performed the spell that would change Nevareth forever. He placed the core at the altar and enveloped it with as much force as he could gather. The process was strenuous and complicated; if it was not done properly, at the very least, it could take the caster’s life.

Capt. Abraxas was determined to open the gateway to another world, a path to a new Nevareth. As the ritual ends, a gale flew into a rage. He closed his eyes and silently prayed…and waited.

“Captain Abraxas?” Naiin called out. She cleared the swirling dust and sand in front of her with her hands. It was a sudden revolution of earth and wind …too sudden to actually understand what just happened. But there’s one thing she’s certain: it has something to do with the core.
She slowly pressed forward, careful not to disturb any of the captain’s arrangement. A few seconds later, the wind died and sand fell back to the ground. There, in front of her, was a wide-eyed and motionless figure. He seemed to be mesmerized by something. Naiin ran towards her friend.

“Captain! Captain Abraxas! Are you okay?”
“Y-Yes, I’m okay,” Captain Abraxas replied. He grabbed Naiin by the shoulder, his face brimming with excitement. “Naiin! Can’t you see it? I’ve succeeded in opening the warp gate!”
Naiin looked at the space that the captain was referring to. There was nothing there.
“I’m sorry, Capt. Abraxas, I don’t see anything.”
Capt. Abraxas looked at her intently, eyes small like that of a hawk. “Are you sure? Nothing at all? Not even a shadow?”

“Nothing. Capt. Abraxas, you must be tired. Let’s go inside, I’ll prepare some hot dire boar in wrigglefruit soup for you.” She put her arms on the old man’s shoulders and guided him towards the house.

Capt. Abraxas silently allowed Naiin to lead him away, a thousand questions swirling in his mind. Confused and tired, he looked back one more time. There, beyond the huge portal, a gigantic mass of earth and gasses was floating in deep space. He couldn’t be wrong…definitely, that was Jupiter.


Anonymous said...

hi just wondering is it just only in the philippines??? i am a filipino and all my friends are playing cabal and im in out of the philippines ... they invited me to play ... just wondering before i download this just want to know if just in philippines only?

Anonymous said...

sorry it's IP-locked. meaning to say only those in the philippines can play the game.