Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SATURN opens its gates this JUNE 12th

The ground shook beneath their feet as the Army of Darkness came crashing on their gates. A cacophony of voices ranging from despair to terror wracked the city as darkness enveloped the skies. A distinct chill wrapped around their bodies as fear gripped their hearts like a vise.

A thunderous boom erupted, shaking dust and rubble between the cracks on the wall.
“What are you waiting for? Move now! Our troops cannot hold them much longer.” The Captain General’s voice sliced the stillness, the echo of his words reverberating within the halls.

His stern command somewhat served as a wake up call to those present. The young one’s faces grew stern and resolute as they hurriedly packed their belongings. They knew it was time.

“Don’t bother yourselves in bringing any keepsakes. The only things you will need are these.”

At the Captain General’s command, several weapons emanated before him—swords, shields and several gem-like fragments. “These weapons will protect you when you reach the vessels. Now is the time…we must all fulfill the destiny that lies before us.”

The Captain General’s words were cryptic and vague; not everyone in the sea of young faces fully understood the gravity of his words. Yet, everyone knew one thing: they had to get out of the place at the soonest possible time.

He called on four individuals from the group, and entrusted to them four scrolls. He then explained that these scrolls were to serve as guides in the new worlds they will all venture into.

He then commanded everyone to take up weapons of their liking. Some wielded dangerous looking great swords and katanas, others placed orbs into their hands, some took up combinations of crystals and swords, orbs and swords, whilst some made use of double orbs.

After the selection of weapons, they were immediately divided into four groups, with each of the four individuals serving as their leaders.
“Go now! Head on to the nearby planets of Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Go and establish your colonies until the time of reckoning is at hand. We are all depending on you.”

The first three groups made their way outside the hall to the docking area, where spaceships of colossal sizes awaited them. One by one they boarded these giant structures, fleeing to the skies and disappearing towards the vastness of space. The voices of Darkness loomed ever so close. They were inside the keep now.

“Captain General, what of us?” A gangly lad approached, his tone shaking.

Just then, a soldier clad in heavy armor approached the Captain General and whispered something in his ear. The elder soldier nodded and dismissed him.

“I’ve just received news that the fifth planet is now ready to receive you all. Make haste to Saturn and like the rest of your other comrades, build a colony there and train yourselves with the weapons you have chosen. We must not waste precious time. Go now.”

And with that, the last batch of soldiers-in-training boarded the spaceships and set off to this new planet called Saturn to carve their own destinies.

As the last of the ships ascended from their home planet, a mammoth cloud of explosion erupted below, propelling the ship towards space at an alarming rate. The passengers watched the scene from the windows, their faces aghast.

The silence was deafening after witnessing the turbulent happenings. It was as if their previous lives in their home planet crumbled before their very eyes. Nobody spoke during the days of travel in what seemed to be an empty wasteland.

Weeks after the terrible event they’ve witnessed, their leader, a tall, well-built young man with snow-white hair wearing a massive sword behind his back ran to the middle of the group, his voice ravaged as he paused to gasp for air.

“W-we made it! We’ve reached Saturn!”

For the first time after the horrific incidents that catapulted their lives into a strange path, the crowd broke to an incessant chatter. The spaceship landed with a resolute thud, as each one stepped into this new planet they were to call home.


Sorbetera said...

Nice write-up. XD But the question still remains though.. when will players get to make new accounts in the previous servers? Any news about that? Is the solution to a congested server, a new server?

Anonymous said...

I also think that adding a new server is not a good solution for the congested server. This may work against your favor.

Anonymous said...

sana po wag na po`ng mag rollback sa mercury!!! ty po

behemothredux said...

All my friends are in mercury. I got a level 40 in Jupiter... now what? Sigh...

bryan said...

sir tanong poh namin sagutin nyo madami nagtatanong neto ung warp card poh namin nabenta namin d naman sya droppable d din tradable pero soldable ayaw na poh namin magpakahirap gumawa ng bago sana matulungan nyo kami