Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ALL GAME SERVERS are now UP!!! ^_^

All gamers who qualified for the CABAL GRIND FEST Contest are now rewarded with a 1-Day Platinum Service [valid until 11:59PM of June 11 only]

re: TRAINING DUMMY USE- You can only earn Skill EXP from the TRAINING DUMMY if your SKILL EXP is below 30% of the TOTAL Skill Rank.

[u][b]EXAMPLE: [/b][/u]
Magic SKILL RANK XXXX 40/50 >> You will not earn Magic SKill EXP from the Dummy
Sword Skill Rank XXXX 1/10 >> You can still earn Sword Skill EXP from the Dummy until 3/10.


Anonymous said...

Yes Premium Items was distributed to the player that deserve it like me, but my skill exp been roll back, my magic rank was already an a.expert but when i log in after the maintenance it return to 30/44 expert, my sword skill was around 68/104 a.expert but no its only 44/104. T_T

Server: Mercury
Char name: sOnz

Anonymous said...

there was a rollback between 4 - 9 am today.

another problem is why didnt you remove the level/skill cap? i cant put to good use your premium service because im already capped.

2nd how come lvl 50 below characters have premium service? i thought they only get the bead xp????

3rd according to some there are already some bugs. example bm2 not expiring.

Anonymous said...

how come it's a 1day reward (24hrs), i got less than 5hrs... nrs777 is my accnt (leon.serevilos@yahoo.com)... i havnt check recently thou, but this inconvenience was w/ yesterday when i played online...

Anonymous said...

Can you kindly change the example written regarding gaining skill exp using dummy. From the example you have mentioned 1 / 10 which gave the impressions that we can start using dummy trainings at novice rank which is i think only usable when you reached at apprentice rank. 0 / 22 is more appropriate. Thanks and more power!~