Thursday, June 19, 2008

TOP GUILDS for CABAL [as of June 19th]

Hello CABALists!
Here are the TOP GUILDS who qualified for the CABAL GRIND FEST: RISE of the GUILDS contest.
The list is arranged alphabetically. We will announce the GRAND Winner of the TOP GUILD on Saturday during the CABAL GRAND Launch EVENT! ^_^
GOOD LUCK and Congratulations to the TOP GUILDS!!!


Visara said...

errr bat sa saturday pa po...pano po ung iba di nila alam kung luluwas sila para i claim ung tshirt tapos po pag nagpunta di pala sila panalo...

Anonymous said...

congrats to all Guilds

Turmoil of GodLike

Anonymous said...

anu po ba mga criteria pra mksma sa top guild??

Anonymous said...

Mercury -Warbringer

kita kits ;P
Enjoy all the events!

See yah !

DarkElysia said...

Ay! Grabeh di kami na kasama sa Top Guild. Kainis anyway congrats to all the guilds espicially sa Allies namin na AdikzOnline.

See you all tomorrow and have a nice day.

Venus Server

MrBastyScamer!! said...

MrBasty SCAMER Mercury SERVER ChuvaKingDom guild nya...SCAMER NG GOLD YAN look nyu sa FORUM!!!!