Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NPC EVENT: Blessed Cores

Yul is back after her long journey in search for hidden treasures of the Pastur Continent.
Upon discovering an enchanted area in the north region, the Holy Guardians bestowed on her some blessed cores.

She was ordered to bring this into the depths of Green Despair for the benefit of the citizens of Nevareth.

It was Yul's great mission to sell some Upgrade cores to the worthy fighters of Nevareth.

Event Duration: July 8th to July 22th
Event item informationL Upgrade Core High
- Sold by Event NPC Yul
- Price: 800,000 Alz
- Untradeable

Event Mechanics are subject to change without prior notice.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Greetings Brave CABALists!

The great Sages of Nevareth have bestowed on us an opportunity to gain one of the rarest treasures of the hidden dungeons!
This is your chance to gain special legendary SIG Metal Equipment in exchange for your in-game money.

Please do take note that these sets of equipment that NPC Yul will sell to you are periodical armors that would only last for 7-Days.

Worry not soldiers, for the Sages have blessed these treasures allowing them to become permanent if you are able to upgrade them to a +9 option.

What are you waiting for? Try your luck with your precious upgrade cores in order to create and obtain a permanent SIG Metal Set for your CABAL Online Character!
Event duration: July 8th to July 22th

How to join?
1. Check the event from event NPC Yul in Green Despair
2. Buy SIG Metal items from NPC shop
3. The items sold on NPC shop is periodical (7days)
Periodical SIG Metal items from NPC shop will be turned to permanent when they are enchanted to +9

Event Item Information
Price: 20,000,000 Alz
Period: 7days
Item Grade: +0

Event items

Event Mechanics are subject to change without prior notice.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Secrets of Radiant Hall!

Secrets of Radiant Hall

Get a sneak peek at our newest update!

The patch won’t be implemented until July, but you can prepare for it as early as now. Read through the patch notes below and see what’s in store for you next month.

You can also discuss the newest patch through our official forums. Just follow this link and voice out your thoughts!

1. Added Daily Quests

New quests will be initialized at 12 midnight everyday.

2. Key Mapping and Option Renewal

Set your own shortcut keys while playing the game. A new “Chat” macro has also been added.

3. New MD Illusion Castle Radiant Hall

Characters who are at least level 130 can enter the new location. To enter, you will need the item “Apocalypse of Outer World” (Item name subject to change). The new map is located at Lakeside Illusion Castle (X:171, Y:171) and will award worthy adventurers with 15,000 honor points and the title “Phantasmal Origin Specialist”* (HP increasing option) (*item names are subject to change).

Radiant Hall

4. Added Unique Accessory: Drosnin’s Earrings (Item name subject to change)

This new item is for players who are at least level 130. Basic option includes Defense +10, Defense rate +100. Unique options include Defense +5/+10/+15, HP +20/+35/+50 & HP Steal Cap +10/+15/+20. One among these options will be given randomly. The item will be binded to the character and up to two can be equipped.

5. New DX Dungeon: Catacomb Frost

The new dungeon is for characters who are at least level 110. The entrance item required for the new dungeon is the Frozen Clue. The new dungeon is located in “The Altar of the Blizzard” in Bloody Ice.

6. New Party Search and Improved Party System

Characters who don’t have a party can now create a party search by enabling the party shortcut key (default: P). You can now also make a party with people who have the same quests so you and your partymates have one goal, making questing easier! Be reminded though that you won’t be able to use the party search function if you’re in a war channel or DX dungeon.


Don’t forget to tune in to CABAL Online’s official website for more updates about the latest patch: Radiant Hall!

In preparation for the upcoming MAJOR Patch this July 22nd, you can now download the PASSWORD-Protected Manual Patch in advance to avoid the SERVER Traffic on the day the patch will be released in the LIVE SERVERS.

Please wait for the OFFICIAL Announcement of the MANUAL Patch PASSWORD before installing the patch in your Game Clients.

Download Links:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NPC EVENT: Pet Monster Attack!

Whatever has turned good pets evil is changing the world of Nevareth as we know it! As a result, the bad pets just would not go away! Nevareth is going to need your help to clear them out and the spoils of war will be your rewards.

How to Participate
1. Monsters will appear in the certain places.
2. There will be two different monsters per world each in different locations.
3. Users will be able to pick up items from Dire Boar KING if the user has at least one hit.
4. The user who gave the largest damage will be able to pick up items from Crag Turtle KING.

Event Details
1. Monster appears on all maps
a. Dire Boar King and Crag Turtle will appear in the two different locations in a map.

* Monster Grade 1 being the strongest.

2. Monster emerging time
a. Within 1 to 4 hours randomly after the monster dies. (6 times min./24 times max. per day)

3. Monster Design
a. From 1 to 4 monster grade available.
b. Crag Turtle King has lower defense than Dire Boar King, and Crag Turtle King as higher offensive strength than Dire Boar King.
Crag Turtle King: Item loot permission is decided upon the total attack on the monster.
Dire Boar King: Item loot permission is given to any users with at least one hit on the monster.

4. Skill EXP can be gained / EXP cannot be gained.
5. Multi-drop of 7 items
6. Monster drop rate vary by its grade

Q. Does the Crag Turtle King and Dire Boar King has different power and item drops by maps?
A. Yes, their power vary and they drop little bit different items by maps.

Q. Where can I find Crag Turtle King and Dire Boar King?
A. From all maps. They appear randomly in maps so see it for yourself.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dunhike of Desert Scream is alarmed about an impending catastrophe that would strike the whole continent of Huan: the terrible threat of El NiƱo. The scorching summer heat of the sun has been intensely devastating life in the continent.

Animals, plants and people alike are gradually losing their energies due to lack of water. The citizens of Huan are migrating to different places for fear of dying from dehydration. Hence, this causing the economy of the continent to stagnate.

To address this important issue, Dunhike has commissioned the best pot makers to create special decorated jars that could hold huge amounts of potable water and flavorsome rice to provide for the needs of his people. However on his way back to Desert Scream he was attacked by furious mobs, his jars stolen from him along with some valuable goods.

Back in his station in Desert Scream, Dunhike seeks the help of every concerned adventurers to recover the lost clay pots from his expedition. In return, Dunhike promises to prepare you nutritious rice cake soups from the contents of the basins which can greatly improve your strength in battle.

The jars may also yield special items once opened. The more intricate the design of the clay pot, the better items it would give. Clay pots of the same kind may be combined and remodeled to make it finer but a design template (formula card) is required to be brought from NPC Yul.


1. Collect Clay Pots from the different Field Maps.
There are three (3) types of Clay Pots
A. Simple Clay Pots
B. Excellent Clay Pots
C. Elegant Clay Pots

2. CABALists can craft high-grade Clay Pots by purchasing Formula Cards from NPC Yul.
Formula Card A: Design Template 1
Used to Carft Excellent Clay Pots
Requirement: 8 Simple clay Pots
Price: 500,000 Alz
Formula Card B: Design Template 2
Used to Craft Elegant Clay Pots
Requirement: 4 Excellent clay Pots
Price: 1,200,000 Alz

3. By opening (righ-clicking) on the Pots, CABALists can acquire special premium items.
High-Grade Pots contain better items compared to the contents of the Low-Grade Pots.

Sample Items from the Clay Pots:
Spicy Rice-cake soup 3ea
Nutritious Rice-cake soup 3ea
Full Rice-cake soup 3ea
Epaulet of Discipline
Copy of Map Part
Copy of Muster Card
Copy of Epaulet of undead
Periodical Costumes and Epaulets (1 hour to 3 hours)
Periodical Astral Boards and Astral Bikes (1 hour to 3 hours)
Dungeon Entry Cards (Map part,Muster Card: Ruina Station, Epaulet of the Dead B1F, etc.)
Periodical Mergareph Rings (1 hour to 3 hours)
Core Enhancers
Periodical Blessing Beads and Premium Potions

Note: Event Items (Clay Pots and formula Cards only) will disappear when the event ends. Gamers are advised to consume all event items (Clay Pots and Crafting Materials) immediately.

EVENT Period: April 29, 2010 ~ May 13, 2010 (2 weeks)
Event will be activated/deactivated during the Scheduled Service Maintenance period.