Thursday, May 29, 2008


CABAL rewards hardcore gamers; in-game items & iPod Shuffles, iPhones up for grabs!

Greetings, CABALists!

Since the start of the game's Open Beta Test (OBT), players from all over the country have joined in the revolution in online gaming. Both Mercury and Venus Servers are a testament to the enthusiasm of gamers as they embark on an epic journey in the world of Nevareth.

As recognition to each and gamer’s zealousness, we are rewarding you, esteemed CABALists, with awesome prizes and in-game items!

Now has never been a great time for you to be more and do more in the game. As you progress in your character levels, rise up from the ranks and gather your in-game resources, we’re spicing it up all the more with an exciting rewards promo!

Gamers who will reach levels 30 and 50, as well as those who will establish guilds stand a chance to win amazing in-game items and prizes such as iPod Shuffles and iPhones!
Curious on how to join? Read on and find out!

CABAL Grind Fest Rewards Promo


* All gamers with CABAL Online accounts are eligible to join.
* Level up your characters to be able to join in any of the three promos.

Race to Level 30

* If you reach level 30 by June 6, you will automatically get 1 Day Blessing Bead (25% EXP boost). Get on the grinding mood and use the Blessing Bead until June 8, 11:59PM.
* If you reach level 30 by June 19 at 1AM, you automatically qualify for the raffle to win 1 of the 5 iPod Shuffles. But, if your level progresses beyond level 30, you’ll get additional raffle entries! (ex: level 35 = 5 raffle entries)

Race to level 50

* If you reach level 50 by June 6, you will automatically get 1 Day Premium Service, which you should use before June 9. With this you can access other game features such as an increase in item inventory, use of training dolls, GPS teleportation, etc.
* If you reach level 50 by June 19 at 1AM, you automatically qualify for the raffle to win 1 of the 3 [8GB] iPhones. Additional level points beyond level 50 will earn you more raffle entries! (ex: level 52 = 2 raffle entries)

Rise of the CABAList Guilds
* Create your guilds and make your mark in Nevareth! Top guilds will be determined by a point system, which will sum up the group’s total number of members and their character levels.
* ex: Guild XX has 20 level 5 members = 100 POINTS
Guild YY has 5 members in level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 members = 375 POINTS
Guild YY is hailed as the TOP GUILD
* Deadline: June 19, 1AM

* Prizes:
1st - Exclusive glow-in-the-dark CABAL Shirt for all guild members present in awarding event on June 21.
- 1 Day Blessing Bead
2nd – 2 Hours Blessing Bead
3rd – 1 Hour Blessing Bead
* Only guild members present in the awarding event on June 21 can claim their in-game item through vouchers.

Get ready for a one of a kind experience in CABAL Online! Join now!


Anonymous said...

ay ewann.....
bahala ang management sa sarili nila
at bahala rin ako sa sarili ko!!!
basta nakakirita sana kung magmamaintenance pala eh di sana cnara muna ung server para wala ngaung mga reklamo....tapos anu tong mmga freebies na pinamimigay anu ba to mga pampalubag loob... hoy hindi kami nakukuha sa mga ganyan lang noh!!! pero sa bagay pwede na sakin ung IPOD shuffle!!! by the way im gerrel sorry for wat I am saying but i think u also owe as sorry bec. of wat happen to the venus server!!! i have just one suggestion pls tell us supporter/gamers before you do something on the game bec we are also affected on those decision!!! TNX have a nice day...

kyan said...

panu maclaim yung prices for reaching lvl 30 and 50... yung hindi raffle... premium and bead ata yun... tska ask lng po kung pag release ng cabal commercially kung magwipe pa ng characters... tnx