Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some Activities for CABAL Grand Launch

Here's a jist of the ACTIVITIES:
-Nation Recruitment - Sign-up for a Nation and participate in the massive FREEPLAY in the Freeplay Area
-Band Performances from Urbandub and Rivermaya
-Offline Activity [Passport Activities]- Visit the different booths and complete the passport to gain freebies
-Viewing of Different CABAL Videos in the CABAL Viewing Room Area
-CABAL Character Cosplay/Demonstration
-Mobile Raffles of Special Periodical In-Game Items [Unreleased Costumes, and Astral Boards]
-Awarding of the TOP Guild for the Rise of the Guild Event
-CABAL Gamer Oath-taking
-CABAL Merchandise Selling - Shirts, Jackets, ID Laces
-Best Guild Event Attendance Sign-Ups
-EP CARDS Selling
-Installer and Poster Distribution [if you finish the Passport Activity you get to spin a roulette]
-Awarding of CABAL Video Making Contest Winner and viewing of Video Finalists
-CABAL Level Race- Selected Participants will start at Level 1 and the gamer with the highest Level after an hour will be given a cool Glow-in the Dark Shirt.
-Other fun activities and presentations from the sponsors.

-1st Grand Eyeball of CABAL Gamers and CABAL Guilds

-We encourage all GUILDs to promote their guilds during the event. This is your time to interact with your fellow CABAL Gamers and recruit them into your Guild.

Also, we and encouraging gamers/attendees to support the DRESS CODE Campaign:
Mercury Server Gamers, please wear Green Shirts.
Venus Server Gamers, please wear Blue Shirts.
Mars Server Gamers, please wear Red Shirts.
Jupiter Server Gamers, please wear Black Shirts.
Saturn Server Gamers, please wear White Shirts.

See you there!!!! ^^,

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