Saturday, May 17, 2008

CBT Notice.... ^_^

Good Morning to all CABAL Online CBT Gamers!

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support for the Closed Beta Testing for CABAL Online.
We have reached the start of Day 4 of the Testing; and, since this is a CBT Stage, we have gathered most of the complaints of gamers with regard to problems and bugs of the game from the launching of the game up to the quest-related glitches.

Your vigilance in reporting problems such as connection problems, Character log-in issues, and in-games item, skill, and quest bug are very much appreciated.

We understand that most of the gamers became disappointed with some of the initial bugs and issues that came up during this CBT Stage. As a standard in most CBT Stages in online games, these glitches, bugs are inevitable.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that these game issues may have caused you for some issues raised have no concrete solution yet as of this moment.

Rest assured all these issues will be escalated to our game developers. Hopefully most of these issues will be resolved or will be given concrete resolution come OPEN BETA Testing Stage.

We still have two more days for the CBT Stage, and we are encouraging everyone to help out in finding other bugs, exploits, and issues with regard to the game.

Our community forums sections have dedicated threads for everyone to properly post their concerns and bug reports. In order to make the report organized, please make sure you guys post screen shots of the errors and detailed narrations on how did you encounter a game bug or issue.

Again, we beg for your understanding and extended patience on the game issues that occurred during the CABAL Online CBT Stage.
Let us help each other in the Community. In case you have discovered temporary solutions on the issues with regard to the disconnection issues, Blue Screen problems caused by Antivirus Settings and hardware driver issues, please contribute or share your debugging procedures in the CBT Stage Forum Threads.

Thank you very much for the support and have a great day ahead! ^_^

-CABAL Online PH Team


Anonymous said...

sa may 20 po b lhat ng characters n ginawa sa cbt ma dedlete?... plssss.. sana sagutin nio agad!.. or pa email sa

cutieme said...

ma dedelete, bakit po? char lang po ba or gamit din? ang daya naman pano na yung pinaghirapan namin!

kakaasar naman lagi nanga offline server tapos ma dedelete pa pala mga char! T_T

keichi said...

may 2 days pa?? so it means... may 22 pa matapos ang CBT?? paki sagot nmn po

Jasper said...

delete b lhat mga char nmin GM? syang nmna ang car ko eh.........ok lng po kng gmit ang mwala ngu pro ang char wag nman..........T_T

Anonymous said...

lahat ng character madedelete
kc testing muna ung day 15 to 19 eeh!!!