Thursday, May 22, 2008

OBT Reminders!

Hello everyone! Excited na b kau?
CABAL OBT will be this coming May 24th 6PM na!

Due to some recent changes and as part of extending our concern for the NEW CABAL Gamers, we will be having a separate registration for CABAL ONLINE PH. [Existing e-Games Account will not be used for CABAL OBT yet].

We will be encouraging everyone to create a NEW Game Account in the CABAL Online WEBSITE.
Our registration will be quite different; making sure that all accounts created are validated and secured.

We will require registrants to validate their respective email addresses or mobile numbers first before they can proceed with the registration. During registration all gamers will be given a chance to start from scratch so better have registration details valid and accurate.

Use strong passwords during registration. Personalize your PIN Codes and make sure your account PIN is easy to remember but difficult for other gamers to guess. We will have two [2] Secret questions that you can use to further secure your accounts in CABAL. Lastly, better make sure you enter valid personal account information such as correct birth dates, contact numbers, names, and addresses.

The CABAL Account registration pages will be made available this Friday afternoon or earlier.
We advise everyone to take the registration procedures seriously.

CABAL Online PH will not be accommodating account related problems such as Account Ownership issues, hacking due to account sharing, etc.
Your CABAL Account is your responsibility. As early as this stage, keep your accounts secured.

Just to share, we will be following the policy/disclaimer indicated below...

No Compensation Rule and Disclaimer

Effective immediately, we shall no longer compensate hacked/scammed items or gold/In-game currency. A player is responsible for the security and confidentiality of his/her account password, including the various uses of the password, whether authorized or unauthorized. E-Games does not guarantee that its portal and corresponding game websites are free of any harmful software, and that the same is hack-proof. Account Security is therefore the sole responsibility of the account holder. As such, you are earnestly enjoined to take all security measures reasonably available to safeguard the operating system and accounts when accessing the Games and the websites.

E-Games reserves the right to deny any request for item return, compensation, character restoration and account reset. The company shall not be responsible in any way for loss or damage to any player’s account including but not limited to, character statistics and skills, account particulars and items lost. In no event shall the company be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damages.

We advise all gamers to be vigilant in protecting their own game accounts.

Changing your account passwords on a regular basis is a good start. Also, please be vigilant in checking the details of the in-game items you will be trading with other gamers before accepting a trade. Lost items due to negligence in trading transactions will not be compensated.

To check out additional Account Security Tips, please visit the Account Security Section of our Community Forums.


Thank you and see you in-game soon! ^_^


francis said...

thanks for the information

chewstuff said...

thnks for the info

AlvinRockz said...

Hey guys~ bakit ala pa po ung regstration link mag 8pm na oh~!

Concerned Cabal Player said...

CM/GM Jay I think you should delete your C-Box, because people, especially those who really have no manners are flooding it @_@ they were complaining about Cabal "Bakit ang tagal ng registration".

- Concerned E-Gamer

iPedz said...

sir may nabibila npu ba na cd ni2?? kung meron po saang stores????.. tnx po..