Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Heads UP! CABAL Video-Making Contest

Advance notice to Creative CABAL Gamers!!!! Official contest mechanics will be announced in our WEBSITE soon! ^_^

As part of the initial steps in forming and promoting the CABAL Online PH Community, we are encouraging all gamers to start developing UCCs. ^_^
What are UCCs?
UCCs [USER-CREATED CONTENT/s] can transpire in the form of developing your own CABAL-Inspired Websites, Images, Comics, Blogs, Fan Sites, Music Videos, and short video clips. We believe that there are gamers out there who are good in writing, web-designs, video-making, and conceptualizing great ideas and expressing them in the form of User-Created Content/s.

As an initial program in promoting UCCs, we will be opening a contest for CABAL Inspired VIDEOS. This is the CABAL Online Video-Making Contest!

Are you creative enough to take this challenge?

This contest is open to all creative CABAL Online gamers in the Philippines.
Screenshots, in game captures, edited and live captures are allowed as long as it's all about CABAL Online.
Your CABAL Online Video must run for a maximum of 5 minutes only. Vulgarity and any form of personal attacks to the gamers and e-Games staff are not allowed.
Winning gamer-generated CABAL Online video will be announced during the CABAL Grand Launch Event [date and venue will be announced soon].

Criteria for Judging:
30% Creativity (setting, mood, capture style, game functions used)
30% Originality (uniqueness of the theme)
20% Presentation (coherence to the theme, systematic presentation)
20% Overall impact (did it impress the e-Games Staff?)

Upload your video in and get ready to post the following details in the thread made for the CABAL Video-Making Contest [which will be announced soon]:

Character Name:
Title/Theme of your Video:
You Tube Link:

Deadline of Submission is on June 15, 2008 [tentative]
Only 1 entry is allowed per e-Games/CABAL account.
Videos should be originally owned by the player.
Entries collated from existing commercial videos are not accepted.

Tentative Prizes for the BEST CABAL Online Video:
Cash Prize
Exclusive Premium In-Game Item for CABAL
CABAL Online Goody Bag


Anonymous said...

sounds cool.. but i think would have been better if it were announce during closed beta so that participants could get a video of what its like inside the game. :)

Anonymous said...

Ayun oh! I just hope that OBT will be available soon so that I can start making my entry XD...BTW, please make sure CabalPhil would not be a victim of game hackers and buggers..I dont want this new exciting game to be burned in the flames of such abusers..just a friendly reminder..Yun un eh! XD

Anonymous said...

kumustah nman matatapos n ang summer wula p rin official at permanent n laro,.. at magpapasukan na!.. baka nman next summer nio pa iaanounce ung OBT..(take note: ung OBT,isa rin ciang test tulad ng CBT,.. duh!..)
elan nio pa palalaruin ang mga gamers!... damn it!...