Monday, May 12, 2008

CABAL CBT set for May 15-19 [12 noon -10 PM]

Quoted from the CABAL WEBSITE.... ^_^

Closed Beta Test: It’s finally here…and an upcoming contest

The dawn of a new age in online gaming is almost upon us.

On May 15, the gates of Nevareth will open to usher all able soldiers into an epic battle against the forces of evil. This is where skill meets greatness, where challenges meet a formidable force of heroes. This is where your once in a lifetime adventure begins, and where your fears will end.

Welcome to CABAL Online!

CABAL revolutionizes the way you play your online games. As the highly-touted MMORPG with a medieval and new-age fantasy feel, you will surely be blown away by the gorgeous and detailed graphics and landscapes in Bloody Ice, Green Despair and Desert Scream. Get ready for an adrenaline rush as you experience fast-paced, real-time action and battle scenes as you advance to several levels.

Within the different area maps you will encounter, a rich and compelling story is weaved by the numerous quests you’ll undertake. These missions will not just unravel the complex story behind the CABAL, but the rewards can be very useful to claim great items and level points.

The world of CABAL Online is paved with many great features not found in most MMORPGs. For one, you can take on the role of any of the 6 character classes: Warrior, Wizard, Blader, Force Shielder, Force Archer, and Force Blader. You can be any of these characters either as a male or female version.

CABAL also offers a unique Global Positioning System (GPS) used to teleport to a specific location. At level 80, you can already ride through the scenic maps on board a futuristic hoverbike.

CABAL’s Closed Beta Test (CBT) will run from May 15-19, from 12NN to 10PM only. In lieu of the schedule, we’d also like to inform you all that a War Channel will be made available on CBT for non-stop PK experience. In this specific channel, you can show off your skills and be the best while learning the ropes in combat.

The level cap for CBT is at 50 [updated]. But do not fret; we have an exciting contest that will surely fuel your gaming habits to greater heights. How does it work? Simple. The first 10 players to reach the level cap win the following items:

» 3x Blessing Bead – EXP increase by 25% for 1 day
» 3x Blessing Bead – Skill EXP increase by 25% for 1 day

Prizes will be awarded to the players on Open Beta. Do take note that accounts will be wiped out after CBT. However, this stage will give you ample time to explore and learn more about the game, as well as opportunities for you to inform us of any game bugs should you encounter them.

Seize the CABALists and see you on CBT day!


irritated_gamer said...

how come the installers are crap? a guy came in here in the shop yesterday, left me Cabal installer, 2 dics. i attempted an install today. so i use disc 1. then towards the end, it asked me to insert disk 2, which i do, then i click "OK" then it immediately says "installation finished" then it says "wrong volume is in the drive, please insert disk 1" so i do, bu then the intro screen just flashes. also, the guys that dropped off the disks says he has already created his account. but after installation, we open cabal, then click on register, but it takes us to a blank page... so there....

irritated_gamer said...

oh, and one more thing...

the installer says it "successfully installed" so we open cabal (and as said in the earlier comment, the register button takes us to a clank page) and when we try to start the game, it says "file not found or corrupt" something about an item file... ive tried the install thrice now, still cant get it to work, still cant sign up

Jay said...

Install Disc 1 and Disc 2 to launch the GAME properly. Close the SPLASH PAGE of Disc 1 before launching the DISC 2 Installation. ^_^

carding said...

i wonder how long till CABAL will be on open beta. DANG CBT is only for 4 days... then on MAY 20 wipe out attitude hehehe so when will be the open beta...? and one more " LOAD " is not needed em i right brothers? hope so man. may be for some item ^^