Thursday, October 22, 2009

Important Game Announcements!

Hello fellow CABALists!
Please be reminded of the following:

1. Halloween Costumes and Items are now available in the CASH SHOP!
You can now buy Special Costumes, Epaulets, Pets, and Weapon Skins

2. Transfer SERVICES are now available permanently to all GAMERS
Please take note of the final Prices after the introductory Promo.
Server Transfer will cost 1450 CASH
Account Transfer will cost 1300 CASH

3. Regular Server Maintenance for CABAL Online PH will be every Thursday.
Maintenance time will be from 10AM to 2PM.

Thanks and enjoy the special Halloween Events from NPC Yul!

Happy e-Gaming! ^_^

1 comment:

hahanep said...

mga engots kau comment kau ng comment d2 nung kung anu-anu ehh ala aman kwenta.............

kaz aman kung d kau gumagawa ng cabalbalan ehhh d sana d ma blocked ang account nyo..........



kain kau bubog