Sunday, November 15, 2009


Good day CABALists!

This is to formally introduce the upcoming BIG GAME UPDATE for CABAL Online PH.
The new game update is call CHANGE UP.

This update contains a lot of changes that will upgrade your online gaming experience giving you more reasons to stay, invite you friends to come back and party up!

1. Added new quests to gain Honor Points and AXP

(1) New Honor Quests
(2) New Honor Donation Quests
(3) New Soul Quests

2. Added new D.T. Dungeons

(1) General information

A.Dungeon Name
Weakened Lake in Dusk*
Weakened Ruina Station*
Weakened Tower of Undead B1F*

Level Requirement
35~50 (BSLV 4+)
45~60 (BSLV 5+)
55~70 (BSLV 6+)

Entrance Item
Copied Map Part*
Copied Muster Card*
Copied Epaulet of the Dead*

4th gate in the first warp center

Gives double Skill EXP

B. Dungeon Guide Quests
Quest Name
Learn about Lake in Dusk*
Learn about Ruina Station*
Learn about Tower of Undead B1F*

Level Requirement
35 (BSLV 4)
45 ((BSLV 5)
55 (BSLV 6)

C. Drop Information for Entrance Items

Dungeon Name
Weaken Lake in Dusk*
Weaken Ruina Station*
Weaken Tower of Undead B1F*

Entrance Item
Copied Map Part*
Copied Muster Card*
Copied Epaulet of the Dead*

Drop Location
Bloody Ice
Desert Scream
Green Despair

Bloody Ice
Desert Scream
Green Despair
Port Lux

Port Lux
Fort. Ruina

3. Expanded Party System
(1) Changes of User Interfaces for Party System
Ø Changed Looting Rules

Free Looting
-Anyone who tried to loot items gets them

By Order
-Everyone gets items by rotation

Leader Only
-Only Party Leader gets items

By Dice*
-Everyone rolls a dice and whoever gets highest number wins

Immediate Settle*
-Anyone who wants the item bid on it, whoever bid the highest wins

(2) Added Looting Temp Inventory
(3) All Alz looted during party play, will be distributed to all party members evenly.
(4) During party play, the Quest will be shared with other members

Ø “Monster kill” type: any kill by party members will be shared to other members in near distance.

Ø “Collect” type: even though the member who does not have the quest killed a monster, quest items will still be dropped.

(5) Changes for looting priority
Ø Looting priority will be counted by total DMG output of a party, not by each character.

(6) You can now change the order of party members in a party window as you want.

4. Skill Books & Convenient Systems

(1) Skill Books
A. Skills will be trained by reading skill books.
B. Skill book items are available from instructors in town.
C. UI details

- Skills already trained will appear in Grey, Skills that you can learn now will appear in White
- Those you can’t buy nor train will appear in Red

(2) New Convenient Functions

A. Adjustable Character Slot
- You can now Drag and Drop character slots to change orders.

B. Recent channel
- When you exit from the game by clicking “Server Select”, you will now see the last played channel. Once you log out, this will be reset.

C. You will now see your recently played character highlighted in a character select window.

D. Character status tool tip
- HP/MP/SP values will be displayed when you move a mouse pointer over the character status bar.

E. Character Window has been renewed and now shows more information.

F. Information about Title accomplishment
- Titles of Monster kill, mission war and MD clear now shows your progress.

(3) Updated options
A. Added new function to COPY & CUT, PASTE in a chat window.
B. Now it shows character’s level, buff and debuff icons in target window with a tool tip.
C. Added a beef sound when you receive personal messages.
D. Added a new command to check current server time.
E. Added a new function to show quest rewards in advance.

5. New added Ring slots

(1) Now you can have 4 rings at once.
(2)But there’s a cap for “Critical Rate” value that you can have from ring items: 30%.

6. Released Buff Cap
(1) Now there’s no cap for buff value any more.

7. Changed a reward from Battle Style Rank Quests

Level 10: Battle Aura
Level 20: Battle Mode 1
Level 30: Combo

(2) Added extra rewards for low level quests (under 35level)
A. Accessories: Character bind, Permanent.
B. Armors: Character or Account Bind, +5 grade.

8. Changes for Mission War

(1) More benefits for the winning Nation
Ø Now you can have Winning bonus in all world including Dungeons.
Ø Added AXP +10% bonus to Winning bonus.
(2) Santa’s Fury epaulets are no longer allowed during mission war.
(3) Restriction for Force Towers
Ø It’s not allowed to build a force tower any more while mounted on a Bike or a Board.
Ø Now you will have 3 seconds cool time after using a portable FT panel.
(4) Changed condition for Vital Gears
Ø Any effect by Force Tower won’t be considered as a “Combat” action, only other characters or guardians will.
(5) Now all party members can build a force tower or call a guardian except solo playing character without party.
(6) Changed (Increased) the restored war penalty (number of participants) when lost to 10%.
(7) When a character dies with a Legacy weapon equipped, the weapons that he/she used beforehand will be automatically equipped upon revival.

All these and more will be implemented come the next big update.
Please stay tuned for official announcements once the game update is ready for PH server implementation.

Have a great day ahead! ^_^

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