Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get Globe TATTOOed at Market-Market this Sunday!

Globe, with the participation of e-Games, will be featuring a 3-day gaming extravaganza starting on October 16 until October 18 at Market-Market, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig!

As one of the country’s premiere MMORPGs, CABAL Online will be a part of the festivities and will take the stage on Sunday. Kaya kung CABALista ka, make sure you don’t miss this event!

Aside from the Free Play sessions, the CABAL Online team will also be hosting a 3X3 Guild Battle on Sunday. Check these out:

3x3 Guild Battle

-Each Participant are required to present an unscratched 20EP card
-Guild Team Battle (3 members per team)
-Total Teams for registration will be limited to first 8 registrants
-Elimination will be done in the form of a ladder match
-The first team to reach 3 kills wins the match!

Champion’s Prize:

30D Diamond Service
30D Astral Bike Rw3 Crystal
Permanent Anima Lune Pet (Platinum)

Consolation (21 Gamers) - Tournament Package
(contains 10D BB Plus and 10D Astral Board X3 White)

King of Combo Tournament

-Each Participant are required to present an unscratched 20EP card
-Participants will be limited to first 20 registrants
-Participants will use Pre-made accounts and do combos on the Training Dummy.

Top 3 participants with the highest combos will win a prize.

1st -30D Diamond Service
-Permanent Anima Lune Pet (Platinum)

2nd -30D Blessing Bead Plus
-Permanent Anima Lune Pet (Platinum)

3rd -Permanent Anima Lune Pet (Platinum)

Consolation prize:
1-Day Grinding Kit

Kaya ‘wag mawawala at kita-kita tayo sa Sunday!

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