Sunday, October 11, 2009

Transfer Services Promo

Original Price: 1,300 CASH
Introductory 10% Discount
Discount: 130 CASH
Discounted Price: 1,170

Discounted Services are only available on the following Dates/Times:
October 13 2PM to 5PM
October 14 to 16 10AM to 3PM
October 19 10AM to 3PM
*Schedules Subject to change without prior notice

Please wait for official announcements as to when will these services become available 24/7 for all CABALists!

What are the benefits of these Services?
i. Think of the benefits of trying to transfer some of your equipments to another account/server.
ii. Benefit of moving to another new server which has higher value of Alz.
iii. Be able to rename your new character in the new Account/Server
iv. Avoid being scammed by illegal RMT Sellers in account/character trading

For Full Details about these services, please visit the Link below:

Happy e-Gaming!

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