Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Find the GMs in RGT and get exciting in-game prizes

The news that GM Amethy appeared in Desert Scream to save the town from dark forces spread throughout Nevareth. People wonder if other legendary characters like her would start appearing. For weeks, they waited but even GM Amethy was nowhere to be found.

One day, Skaild arrived in Desert Scream in his expensive blue hoverbike. He stopped at the town square to make a pose with his family’s treasured sword, and then, with his usual proud grin, he made an announcement.

“Do you know that mythical characters like GM Amethy appear in certain places once in a while to give away mysterious items? If you want, I, the handsome celestial messenger, will tell you how to catch them. Here’s the plan that my brilliant mind created:

1. First, go to the RAN Global Tournament on October 4 at the SMX Convention Center near SM Mall of Asia. Once you’re there, register and get a RGT Passport.

2. I heard that 10 legendary characters will appear on that event. You will recognize them by their GM Jacket. Find them and have them sign on your passport. Note that they won’t sign until all booth representatives have signed in your passport so make sure to visit every booth inside the venue first.

3. Go to the e-Games roulette booth and show your passport to the e-Games staff. Five (5) signatures mean that you can spin the roulette once. Ten (10) signatures mean two (2) spins.

4. Remember to only approach people wearing GM Jacket as they are the only ones capable of signing the passport.

Once you’ve completed the quest, enter the fourth door in the portal using the Skaild Card; it will take you to my wonderful mansion. Tell me what they said. If you manage to impress me with your report, I might take you to the legendary palace where they reside using my glorious astral bike.”

CABAL Online Roulette Prizes:
1D Green Astral Board
1D Blue Astral Bike


takeshi0024 said...

number post

pano naman ung d mkkapunta...???

ritchell said...

2nd post..pera na ng gm to every time we go here...

Attracti○n said...

Toinks.. haha. Akala ko pa naman perma Bike or board ang premyo. /gg

AnimeZyzy said...

ta3 namn oh,,,wag nah pahirapan yong cabal addicts, para dali ang pagsikat nang CAbal im xur daig pa nito yong ibang online games, Promise ajejejeje