Monday, October 6, 2008

All Game Servers are now UP!!!! ^_^


In order to bring the community together especially for new comers, CABAL Online PH will be adapting the "Rookie's Guild" Feature. Whenever a user creates a new character, a system message will prompt and invite them to join the "Rookie's Guild". From there, new users can get along with the other new users making the game play a little bit more convenient and friendly.
All Rookies Guild Members will automatically be removed from the Rookies Guild once they reach Level 50. A member of the Rookies Guild can withdraw from the guild at anytime; however, they cannot rejoin the guild once they decided to withdraw.

Happy e-Gaming everyone! ^_^


takeshi0024 said...

nice^^ hindi delay

Mask_Rider said...


Mask_Rider said...

3rd post ako !

Mask_Rider said...

4th lang ako T_T

Mask_Rider said...

waaaah nauhan ako. 5th lang

Attracti○n said...

>.> Nyahaha.

Medyo nakaka-walang gana na maglaro. Bukod sa nagtatakip tengang mga GM, maraming barumbadong mga players, map hackers tapos siksikan mo pa ng botters. Saan ka pa sa CABAL PH lang yan.

kylero57 said...

@ Attraction..

Yup..yup..pero hindi lang naman dito yan eh,sa ibang games meron din.

Ito my list kung san napaka bastos ng mga Players at mga walang galang as in walang manners..

5.Botter land..(alam nyo yan pinaka una game na OL na sumakit dito PH)
6.Cabal parin..
Kahit ma pa Blog man oh forums mas marami pinaka walang manner players ang cabal..

BEF said...

awts. kasali po ba ako dun sa wala manners?

deathstar said...

nyahahahaa seminarista kba??
wag ka mag panggap na mabait sa suot mung mukha. isa ka din masamang tao. maligo ka man. maitim ka prin tulad ng sinasabi mu. to hell with you and your words. FTW!

kylero57 said...


Nah not trying to be a saint and i am not trying to be good in the eyes od people around me, i mean what you see is what you get.

You know i think you have some issues,i think you need to go see a psychiatrist for your issues..

Maybe your bad and you think everbody is the same as you. dont worry brother it is not to late for help as long as you admit something is wrong with help soon..i wish you well

sakenashvas said...

GM paki band c AnG3lica hucker po yan at scammer pa saturn server po GM pls lng..

sakenashvas said...

GM paki band c AnG3lica hucker kc eh ubos lhat ng gamit q saturn server po yan..T_T

sakenashvas said...


sakenashvas said...

GM pls band mo c AnG3lica huckers po yan..saturn server

sakenashvas said...


deathstar said...

nyhahah ulol! paenglish english kpa.. eh lahat nmn ng sinabi mu di mu naintindhan. FTW!

kylero57 said...


LoLs..Dude just because you did not understand a word that i said no need to tell me i did not understand what i wrote just because you did not get it..

Poor you,you dont only need to go get yourself checked for brain damage you also need to get back to school..oh yeah sorry my bad how can you learn anything if you really fo have a problem with your brain..=Dhahhahaha LOLS..