Monday, December 1, 2008

A New Friend in a New CABAL Pet

There were an unusual number of people gathered about in the main town of Bloody Ice. Huddled in the middle of a huge bonfire; CABALists destined in this part of the Nevarethan continent took refuge in town as a violent snowstorm was brewing outside. Thanks to the magical powers of town officer Henkoff, the protective barrier surrounding the place made it safe from nature’s cold fury.

Weather disturbances likewise wrecked havoc in other cities across the continent: in Green Despair, a constant deluge of rain flooded pathways and the fields; Desert Scream was experiencing intense heat and frequent sandstorms; Port Lux and Fort Ruina were experiencing earthquakes and lava explosions from previously dormant volcanoes. Such weather disturbances and geological imbalance were considered usual in Nevareth at specific days in the Sage Calendar. This time, however, these unnatural occurrences were deemed to be the makings of the evil forces surrounding Nevareth.

Somewhere in the crowd, Arionell, Patren and Aike were entertaining themselves in the deep snow with their pets. Actually, it was just Arionell and Patren who were playing with a Cutie Tai and a Fancy Zard. Patren was just watching them in the sidelines.

“Haha! My pet Tai is a lot smarter than your stupid Zard!” Arionell declared, sticking out her tongue at Aike.

“My pet Zard is the best! It’s a lot cuter than that stupid Tai of yours,” Aike retorted.

“Is not!”

“Is too!”

“Is not!”

Patren, who was watching the childish banter between the two, sighed. He was always envious of all the other people who have their own pets.

Every moment he watched the people in town go around with their pets tagging alongside them, he felt a twinge of jealousy. He’s always been alone in all his journeys and having a pet as a companion will help him through the days that stretched ahead.

He left Arionell and Aike who were still debating on which pet was smarter and cuter. Their incessant rambling was beginning to irritate him, so he ventured around the area. He saw Deighton the Grocer near his usual spot at the eastern entrance to the town.

Patren sat beside Deighton in the snow, listening to his stories of the undead inhabiting the cold forests of Bloody Ice. He was so engrossed in his tales that he didn’t notice a small figure that lingered just outside the perimeters of the magical barrier.

“Oh my, what is that poor thing doing out there in the cold?” Deighton paused from his storytelling to point at the creature outside the barrier.

True enough, Patren saw the shivering form of an animal with brown coat. He quickly got up to call the attention of Officer Henkoff to lower the barrier to let the poor animal inside the town.

After doing so, Patren immediately tended the wolf-like animal and nursed it back to health. Days later, the creature was already in good condition. Patren and the furry animal took to each other like best friends.

“It seems that you’ve gotten yourself a new pet, Patren,” Deighton commented one day when both the child and animal played in the snow.

“Nope, you got that wrong, Mr. Deighton. I found a new friend in little Husky here.” Patren smiled, laughing at he hugged his new found friend.


Like the young Patren, you too can have your very own Nevarethan Husky! You can purchase the pet card at the CABAL Cash Shop! Better hurry though because this adorable pet will only be available until 9 December 2008.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own CABAL Husky pet now!


IceDrill said...

hahaha pra bang minamadaling bumili kami ng husky pet hahaha lapit na pasko kaya mukang desperado na magka bonus pam blow out sa pasko saka new year aZa wenks bili na lang ako gamit alz kesa ep :P zzzz ...

marcpodi said...


Attracti○n said...

Asus parang hindi ka bumili ah?

There was a typing error ha, it was Arionell and Aike who was fighting, not Arionell and Patren. >.>