Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Edeza Lamp: The mysterious artifact.

A young Force Shielder emerges from the portal from Green Despair. It was her first time setting to set foot in Port Lux, and the idea of the unknown both made her excited and nervous at the same time.

While making her way in the town proper, she was surprised to see quite a number of CABALists lounging around, hawking their wares and engaging themselves in personal duels.

“Hmm…almost the same scenario as Green Despair,” she muttered. The town of Green Despair is noted for being the centre of commercial activity for all denizens of Nevareth, which explains the sheer volume of people flocking to the place on a daily basis.

The Force Shielder became wary of the people around her, who seemed to be familiar with each other. She felt out of place, being the new person in the area. She cautiously approached a group of people near the town guards.

“This place is really getting crowded, Talis. We need to switch channels if we all want to boost our levels faster,” said a tall, long-haired Wizard.

“Do you really think that’s going to work, Sylph?” the Force Blader named Talis, asked.

“We know for a fact that there are just too many people in our range that need to power level too. We need to go someplace less crowded.” Sylph the Wizard pointed out.

A big, bulky Warrior came running back to the group, almost stumbling in his suit of armor. “Hey guys, I just got a tip from Agris the Shopkeeper! She says there aren’t that much people at the Premium Channels right now. This is our chance!”

A tall, lithe Blader stopped wiping her twin blade weapons and placed them on a sheath at her back. She approached the Warrior and poked a finger on his armor. “Trell, how many times do I have to tell you that old hag is just playing around to get you to do her quests? What if she’s just leading you around?”

“What’s wrong with doing a few quests? I get a lot of stuff from it,” Trell retorted.

The Blader just rolled her eyes and shrugged.

“Okay, okay…just quit it, both of you. We’ll check out the Premium Channels just to see if what Agris says is true. Let’s go out as a party so we’ll cover more ground. But we need another member in our group…” Talis scanned the area.

“You. The Force Shielder,” he called out.


“Yes, you. Would you like to join our party? We can help boost each other’s level. We’re going to warp to the Premium Channels, to get a decent spot.”

“My name is Talis. This is Sylph,” he gestured to the Wizard, “and those are the twins, Trell and Yldera,” he finally pointed the Warrior, who was engaging in a debate with his Blader sister. “The quiet one at the side is Rallen. Be careful though…he’s quite a deadly Force Archer.”

“My name is Callasandra,” the Force Shielder supplied.

Talis smiled. “Welcome to the group, Calla. You don’t mind if I call you that? You have a rather long name.”

Calla shook her head, turned to Hampric the Grocer, paid for the items and approached the group. She was smiling excitedly, thrilled that she finally belonged. Finally, when she stepped into the circle, Talis motioned for everyone to switch channels, and the group disappeared, dust billowing at their wake.

And that’s how their ragtag troupe was formed. It turned out that Trell was right—power levelling at the Premium Channels was a lot more productive as they had a specific spot all to themselves. They also took on a lot of Hidden Helper T Quests, for which they got great items and other bonuses.

But one particular day, something unusual happened.

The group just finished completing the hunt for Bugsharks. They were about to retrieve the reward for the quest, when a booming voice startled them.

Congratulations, CABALists! For your continued patronage of the Platinum Services, behold this gift from the famed Sages of Nevareth, the legendary Edeza Lamp!

From out of the blue, 6 beams of light shot out, channelling to each of the 6 members. When the light dissipated, they held in their hands a rather weird looking lamp-like artefact.

“Oooh..what does this little lamp thing have inside?” Without knowing, Trell opened the object.

Everyone else followed suit, curious to know the mystery behind the strange relic. Much to their surprise, they all got interesting items that are essential in their quest to become strong.

“Wow, Trell. You’ve finally proved your use in the group. This is the best idea you’ve had so far. If we didn’t make use of the Platinum Services to get here, we wouldn’t have gotten these amazing stuff!” Sylph remarked, storing the Force Core she got from the lamp into her inventory.

And from then on, they were never out of the Premium Channels, thanks to CABAL’s Platinum Service.


Great news to all!

CABALists subscribed to the Platinum Service will be given a special item for their continued use of the said service.

The Edeza Lamp, a legendary artefact originating from the Seven Sages, generates consumable items, similar to the Chaos Lamp. By using the Platinum Service on a weekly basis, you’ll get to have this coveted item!

Below is the list of possible items you can get from this mysterious lamp:

Dead Epaulet B1F
Fury Potion (Lv 2) x5
Concentration Potion (Lv 1) x5
Reflex Potion (Lv 1) x 5
Sharpness Potion (Lv1) x5
Mana Condense Potion (Lv 1) x5
Vital Regen Potion (Lv 1) x5
Chaos Lamp
Miracle Key Lv 4
Dead Epaulet B2F
Fury Potion (Lv 3) x10
Miracle Key Lv 5
Seal of Darkness
Muster Card: Forgotten Temple B2F
Force Core (Highest)
Blessing Bead Plus 1Day
Upgrade Core (Highest)
Slot Extender (High)

Subscribe now to the Platinum Service and receive great rewards, only in CABAL Online!


IceDrill said...

hahaha sabi na nga e desperado kumita ngayung pasko weak haha platinum users only tpos panget pa mga libreng items program lang nila mga items nila mga bulok pa binibigay wala na ma isip pra kumita kahit ano gagawin na :P

mackyL said...

papano ang ng premium ng 15 days nuung nov 29, d nba kmi mabibigyan ng ganyan??

Rigor David said...

kasali kaya mga silver service users?

Ex said...

sayang.. sana regular drop na lang yun parang chaos lamp... para naman mas masaya!^_^ christmas naman ehhh..
binasa ko pa naman ung kwento!^__^ hehe..

Luna said...

lol... sa mga nakalagay na makukuha sa lamp.. upgrade core low nakuha ko.. kasinungalingan amf.. aahin ko ucl amf

robert said...

dami naman FORCE CORE naka vend
why bother to avail
PREMIUM when you can buy this loots
from other player.
BOLOK naman.
most player are quitting na

trinity_park said...

upgrade core medium lng sa kin wala naman sa nakalist d2 T_T

Chrono213 said...

Paano Pu Bah makakuha nyan? Platinum Service Po aq. Xowi Guyz ha medyo noovvvvzzzz lng me ^ ^