Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Chacha Pet: CABAL’s new feline friend

The ferocious storms continued to plague the continent of Nevareth for several months now. Each town officer sustained the protection of each area by invoking upon the secret arts of wizardry, taught to them by the Seven Sages. Every now and then, their powers needed to be replenished by the Core Alchemists, as such magic involved the use of certain complex spells and particular ores.

The last time this story was documented, the young boy named Patren has just found a new friend in the form of a Nevarethan Husky. The bond between the boy and the creature was so profound that the two were almost always inseparable.

Patren and Husky were busy playing a simple game of catch and fetch when they were approached by Aike and Arionell.

“Nice pet ya got there kid,” Aike commented.

“Yeah, it looks nice, considering he has a dumb owner like you,” Arionell cackled.

Patren’s brows came together, his face turning into a frown. “He’s not a pet. He’s my friend!”

Aike laughed. “You’re such a sissy, Patren. My pet Zard can beat that stupid Husky of yours any time.”

“You’re just a bunch of bullies!” The boy got up and moved away, Arionell and Aike’s mischievous laughter trailing behind them.

Patren and Husky moved around the overcrowded town of Bloody Ice, encountering several Warriors, Wizards and Bladers who seemed to grow impatient being cooped up in town. He stood beside Simon, the armor shopkeeper, who was quite fond of him for some reason.

Patren noticed that something was amiss with the town instructor, O’Conner, as he was pacing back and forth.

“Mister Simon, why does the instructor look so worried?” Patren asked.

“The platoon that the instructor sent out to gather Force Cores hasn’t returned yet. They’ve been out there for a week already,” Simon replied, his face also a mask of anxiety. Both of them sat together in silence, their thoughts lingering on what terrible fate the group may have encountered outside the protective barrier.

Just then, the magic portal opened and revealed six CABALists who looked weary and worn out from their journey. O’Conner approached them quickly.

You’re finally back! Thank the Seven Sages! What happened? What took you so long to gather the Force Cores?” the instructor inquired.

The Force Blader in the group bowed respectfully to the official. “We apologize, Master. We encountered several mobs along the way and the snow storm became a bit of a problem for us. But we did manage to get the Force Cores.” He reached for his travel pack and drew out a handful of green, glowing stones and handed them over to the instructor.

The Force Shielder in the group also came forward with a bundle wrapped in a dark cloak. “We also stumbled upon this foundling along the way, Master. We couldn’t just leave it behind.”

As if on cue, the bundle suddenly moved, and the cloak dropped to the ground, revealing a pinkish feline curled in a tight ball. It stirred from its slumber and blinked its doe-like eyes. A tinkling sound was heard with the creature’s slight movement. The creature was wounded.

“Ah, yes. The Seven Sages themselves encouraged the care for all creatures of Nevareth. Well done, CABALists!” O’Conner commended.

He looked beyond the small crowd that gathered and spotted Patren from the curious onlookers. “Boy, could you bring this little waif to Mistress Keller? I believe she has some skill in healing.” He deposited the bundle in Patren’s arms.

The boy eagerly brought the animal to Core Alchemist Keller, who immediately made a poultice to apply to the wound. While the Core Alchemist Keller was tending to the creature’s wounds, it was looking at Patren with something akin to gratitude and fondness.

And in that instance, Patren knew that he had earned another friend.


Fulfilling quests and going through various tasks can be quite lonesome without a companion. This time around, there are more than enough reasons for you to get yourself a reliable buddy as another CABAL Pet becomes available this month!

Featuring the Chacha Pet, this adorable feline is yet another addition to CABAL’s growing array of cute companions that you can own.

This pet is only available in the CABAL Cash Shop until 30 December 2008, so grab them while you still can!


Luna said...

1st? hihi thats new...

IceDrill said...

asa nanaman ulet hahaha wenks sige bili pa kayo ng pet benta nyo sa ken buy ko ng alz hehehe :p ...

bulbulino said...

ang cute ng pet... :)

robert said...

wala na talaga magawa ang GM para kumita..
pet na naman.
kung gawin pa naman nila na capture yung pet..parang pokemon..dami pa matutuwa nyan..
pera lang talaga habol nila


Lynx said...

Saan sa cash shop ung Chacha?
I've looked through the shop and nkta ko lang na bagong pet ung Rudolph at yung Cookie :(