Thursday, November 6, 2008

FORUM EVENT: My Pet... bow.. ^^

Good day fellow CABALists!

As we all prepare for the upcoming PET TRAINING Patch on November 25th, we would like everyone to participate in a fun FORUM EVENT that will allow you to express your support for the upcoming PET Update.
[u][b]Special ITEM Vouchers will be given away [via forum PM][/b][/u] if you accomplish posting the following information [should be complete]:

1. An in-game screenshot of your character with a CABAL Pet.
2. Your Proposed Name for your Pet once the Pet Rename Feature is Applied.
3. Why did you chose that name for your pet?
4. What Passive Skill Option do you want for your CABAL Pet? Why?
5. A funny/cool Photo/Video of your real-life PET doing a trick.

Cool entries might be given a chance to be featured in the CABAL WEBSITE.

Happy Posting! ^_^


leechsluckers said...
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IceDrill said...

hayzz nko kung gawin nilang tradable ang pet ung mga rich people syempre bibili ng madami tpos benta nila ng ALZ syempre bili den ako hinde ung bind item sya kaya wala den kwenta kaya umaasa ang tulad ko na maalis ang bind item sa pet >< zzzzz ....

IceDrill said...

herap ng buhey nood muna kahit saglit lang sana mapasaya ko kayo sa mga naruto fans watch this :)

Cosmoslayer said...

Lahat naman ata pet naka bind. Kung papa2login mo sa mga pokeballs, dun na sya pwede i trade. At ung YouTube vid na yan, stolen vid,. Inangkin nung nag upload. Can't wait for episode 84. Die Hidan! :D