Thursday, November 13, 2008


Calling all CABAL Online Guilds!

A recent missive dispatched from the Sage Towers reveals a new order issued by the Seven Sages themselves. According to Aldebaran the Wise, guilds all over Nevareth are invited to join the tournament that will pit the best guilds against each other to see who is the strongest. This will be a competition that will resound throughout time.

Battle for Guild Prime calls on all CABAL guilds in Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune to bring forth your best members for a battle of epic proportions that will change the historical annals of Nevareth. If your guild is up to the challenge, then this contest is for you!

CABAL Online Guild Tournament [Online]

Tournament Style

Guild Rumble - Point System

· 1 tournament will be held weekly in every server.

· 8 Guilds will be accommodated every week.

· The first 8 applicants in the E-Games Portal for the said event (per server) will qualify for that week’s tournament, regardless of their level and number. Please wait for the announcements once the Registration is already open.

· The order of the battle will be a standard tournament

· (1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4, 5 vs. 6, 7 vs. 8 )

· A participation fee of 50m Alz will be charged per guild who applied in the tournament.

· The tournament/Guild Battle Initiation will be held only in the Premium Channels. This will require the Guild Leaders to be in the premium Channel declared by the GMs in order to start the Battle.

· The winning guild for that day will receive all the Alz acquired during the application. If a registered guild failed to pay the required amount of Alz, that guild will automatically be declared as a loser.

· All accumulated wins of the guilds will be translated to points, which will then be recorded and compiled until Dom1Nation.

· The guild [overall] with the highest win point a week before Dom1Nation will be declared the winner.

· The winning guild will be rewarded with the following on Dom1Nation 3.

o Diamond Service 30D (per member)–

o Advance Access to an Unreleased PET (per member)

o 1 CABAL Guild Championship “Guild Branded” T-Shirt (per member)

o Featured guild in the website for the entire month with selected guild members to be featured as well.

Game Play

· Guild battles will follow the tournament tree to determine opponents.

· GMs will PM each guild leader regarding the specific premium channel location of the tournament.

· Guild leaders will need to hand over their 50m participation fee to the GM.

· The Guild leader will be responsible in calling on all the members of his/her guild.

· There is no limit to the number of participants per guild. Take note that guilds can have as much as 111 members, including the guild leader.

· A GM will be joining each guild only to see the outcome of the match; they are not allowed to attack even if they are attacked.

· Guild War Settings: 50 Kills

· Once the fight is over, the winning guild will stay in that channel to wait for their next match. Succeeding matches will be held in another premium channel.

· When all the matches are over and a winning guild is decided for that day, the guild earns 1 point and will receive the pot money from the GM. All the members of the said guild will receive a complimentary 1D costume or item as an additional reward from the GMs.

First Week Tournament Registration will open on November 14, 2008 6:00PM. To sign-up just login-to the e-Games Portal, click on My Account and Locate the CABAL Tournament Option.

Note: Only Accounts of GUILD Leaders can Register for the Tournament.

The Registration is limited to the first 8 Guild Registrants on a first come first serve basis.

Game mechanics and prizes are subject to change without prior notice.


IceDrill said...

hayzzz nko asa pa kayo premium users lang pwede sumali mga walang kwenta palibhasa gipit na kayo kaya lahat na ginagawa nyo pra kumita asa pa kayo bulok naman serbisyo nyo tpos mahal pa den mga benta nyo sa item shop asa pa mga inutil naman lakas mangurakot

IceDrill said...

napa sobra pa daliri dahil sa mga walang kwenta dehins mag isip mabuti bgo mag bigay ng pakulong wala den kwenta ....