Saturday, November 15, 2008

Battle for Guild Prime [Week 1] Participants

Good Day to all!
Below are the Guilds who made it to the first registration for the Battle for Guild Prime.
We would like to ask the Guild Masters to send us their YM Ids [via Forum PM]so we can coordinate the tournament via Y!M.

Please take note of the Tournament Schedules for the 1st week November 17 to 23:
Monday 9PM Mercury Server
Tuesday 9PM Venus Server
Wednesday 9PM Mars Server
Friday 9PM Jupiter Server
Saturday 9PM Saturn Server
Sunday 9PM Neptune Server

We advise all Guild leaders to have ALZ Requirement ready and meet the GMs in Premium Channel 10 from 9:00PM to 9:15PM.

The GMs will be calling out the Guild Leaders via In-Game Announcement.
Missing Guild Leaders/Participants after 10 Minutes of notice will lose by default.

Mercury ::::::::::
Guild Leader Guild Name
1 Mivec OneKingdom
3 Pinoy Method
4 Ebbb GoodGameLosers
5 Met12opOIIs Domination
6 Colt44 Sinister
7 Humphrey NevarethImmortals
8 RudyFernandezJr UnholyRebirth

Venus ::::::::::
Guild Leader Guild Name
1 zhairuz GameGuard
2 BLOCKbuster Massacre
3 Dominicus Exitializ
4 mIKey888 FallenAngels
5 exNiJhaib AdikzOnline
6 Qkyo DemocratiC
7 cloudxtreme DeaThCasT
8 O2Warrior21 DarkRequiem

Mars ::::::::::
Guild Leader Guild Name
1 WeSss BountyHunterZ
2 K3NshiNHiMuRa BLooDTakeN
3 RKintoy Vanarchy
4 Zensuke Cursed
5 fOrCeBliTz BisayaEspesyaL
6 khdaffi CRlMINALS
7 Jogskie GuardiaNs
8 moonless008 Rookies Guild01

Jupiter ::::::::::
Guild Leader Guild Name
1 BoGooNBooGoN LegionOfVeritas
2 GumavuLegolas RECKLESS
3 KGultimax EmissariesOfLight
4 CezarHisole oneSHOToneKILL
5 mimic 7thSeaI
6 Killerlover SlMAClKlDOWlN
7 Cryzt DevilOwned
8 Sven31 AngCuteNi

Saturn ::::::::::
Guild Leader Guild Name
1 MissLaila Fusion
2 Haii INemesis
3 SazzyLeigh Playmates
4 ThrowVenom InzaneEmpire
5 Grindcore Quarantine
6 Kickazz RoyaLPiratezZ
7 Frozenworld cOvEnAnT
8 manunubos0 KONOHA

Neptune ::::::::::
Guild Leader Guild Name
1l ala UnstoppabIe
2 MiCO3 Unstoppable
4 Razor Shadow
5 gHe3 CapellaAllStars
6 UGOk ToxiciTy
7 reckles01 HIREDGUN
8 SAMUELmySON WlckedSick


IceDrill said...

wew premium user's only >< desidido kumita ngayung pasko hahaha ....

SuTeKiyA said...

My sincerest APOLOGY for the GM's and the FACILITATORS of the said Battle Guild EVENT. Humphrey is my GUILD member. He did not ASK nor INFORM the guild and myself [the NevarethImmortals - GUILD LEADER] that he registered for the SAID event. When i received the GM's generated INGAME message I got really SURPRISED and DISTURBED from what I have seen. I am not ready for the EVENT nor my GUILD members. Come what MAY then....

SuTeKiyA said...

Note: Only Accounts of GUILD Leaders can Register for the Tournament.

The Registration is limited to the first 8 Guild Registrants on a first come first serve basis.


SO? HOW EXACTLY DID my MEMBER REGISTER? kala ko ba ONLY the GUILD LEADER's ACCOUNT can REGISTER. IF you check on our GUILD information ACCOUNT, hindi naka REGISTER under Humphrey ang NevarethImmortals.

November 16, 2008 11:40 PM