Wednesday, November 18, 2009

4065 NPC Blessing EVENT starts this 11.19.2009

If you are just starting out in CABAL Online, then this is your chance to receive cool rewards from the sages of Nevareth!

Blessing beads, buff potions, weapons and armors: depending on your level, these in-game items await you when you take the quests. Here are some details about the event:

1. CABAL Online players who are at Level 64 and below are eligible to join the event
2. The event will be available on all servers and channels from November 19 (after scheduled server maintenance) to December 17 (before scheduled server maintenance), 2009
3. NPC Yul shall oversee the quests and rewards. NPC Yul is located in Green Despair.
4. Rewards will depend on the player’s level. For example, weapons will be rewarded from level 47 to 49. Armors will be given from level 53 to 65.

For full details of the event rewards, just talk to Event NPC Yul during the event proper.

Better hurry, because this event wont last for long. Log in now and play your CABAL Character to get these cool items!

*Event Schedule Subject to change without prior notice

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