Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Manual Patch DOWNLOAD for Siena the QUEEN PATCH

Hello fellow CABALists!
We are drawing closer and closer to the live servers implementation of the EPISODE III Expansion- Siena The Queen Update this October!

Below are the download links that you can visit to download the manual patch in advance.
Please take note that the patch file is password protected. We will release the patch password once the patch is ready for live server implementation already.

NOTE: Manual Patch FILES are applicable to all game clients that are already running the live server patch smoothly. These manual patch files are not applicable to newly installed game clients.

It would be best to secure a backup copy of your currently working game client just in case you encounter issues in installing the Patches.

Thanks! ^_^




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Skover said...

ok. Patch is on global, but where is password?

robert said...'re so damn ASS!!!
File is password protected so people like you..DAMN ASS..would not patch before the target launch date of Sienna Queen patch..

Is that so hard to understand?