Monday, September 14, 2009

All CABAL Online Servers are now back ONLINE!

Hello ALL!

Please take note that we inserted a 3-HOUR Blessing BEAD PLUS (Account-Bind) to all users who were affected by the unexpected downtime last SUNDAY.

Thanks for your continued patience and support for CABAL Online PH.

Happy e-Gaming! ^_^

NOTE: Some of the COSTUMES/SUITS in the ITEM Shop were removed temporarily and will be sold within the next few weeks after the weekly maintenance Schedules.

1 comment:

Fernan said...

Hay naku mga GM bakit naman laging na DDC ang Cabal? madalas nasa mga dungeon ako nasasayang yung mga ticket!!!! 2x ako na DC SOD sa 2x sa EOD 1x sa eodB2f 1x sa Map part 3x sa RS... mga nasasayang ang mga ticket... ang hirap mag hunt... nakakatamad na mag laro d2 sa cabal! Bwesit Kayo..