Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Charisma Panda is BACK!

Here’s a great and fun event for you!

Join the Charisma Pan Hunt event and see one of the cutest, most comical creature to walk Nevareth!

It’s very simple to join this fun event!
You can locate the Charisma Pandas at the following locations:

Desert Scream, Green Despair, Bloody Ice, Port Lux, Fort Ruina, Undead Ground, Forgotten Ruin, Lakeside and Mutant Forests.

Defeat the Charisma Pan and check out various item drops!

Description of Items from the Charisma PANDA

Item Name


Item Drop Method

Multi-Drop (3 ea~10 ea)

All items dropped are free for all.

Random drop with spread

HP Potion

HP Potion 50 ea (Lv3)

MP Potion

MP Potion 50 ea (Lv3)

Return Stone

Return Stone 50 ea

Magic Buff Potion

Bamboo shoot- Option
(HP +100) Duration 30 minutes)

Bamboo – Option
(Defense +15, Duration 30 Minutes)

Upgrade Core

Item to upgrade equipment

Upgrade Core

Item to upgrade Mithril items

rce Core

Item to put option on equipment

Force Core

Item to put option Mithril items

Slot Extender

Extend the number of Force Slots for an equipment item and make it bind


Earring of Bless(+0/+1)
Level 70/80 or above
(STR,DEX,INT +1/+2)

Adept Bracelet (+0/+1)
Level 70/80 or above
(Skill EXP+2/+3)

Plasma Coating Kit

Item to upgrade Astral Bike

Seal of Darkness

Entry item of Volcanic Citadel

Muster Card:
Forgotten Temple B1F

Entry item of Forgotten Temple

The Charisma Pan event will start on September 8, 2009 and ends on September 29th's Scheduled Maintenance.

Be ready! Log onto CABAL and invite your friends to join one of the funniest in-game events to come out of CABAL Online!

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

NOTE: Event Schedule and Mechanics are subject to change without prior notice

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