Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tune in to MOG TV this July 31 and win exciting in-game items!

It's Friday once again, CABALists! Time to tune in to another explosive MOG TV episode in TV-5 at 11:30pm and win exciting CABAL items!

To join the promo, simply register by sending the following syntax to 2948:

Example: MOG REG Rick Dy / ricky/ #8 Rockwell Drive Makati City

Once you've registered, wait for the e-Games Trivia questions to appear on your screen. Choose the right answer and send the syntax below to 2948:

Example: MOG A

Aside from the e-Games trivia, expect lots of juicy information and action-packed segments from MOG TV this episiode!

This time, MOG TV will feature the CABAL Anniversary in All Access. So to those who missed it, this is your chance to see highlights of the event. Who knows, you might even see some of your friends on TV!

For CABALists who play DotA during server maintenance, watch out Sam YG's review on Tauren Chieftain and Batrider!

Of course, you won't miss the witty LIMAlufet and the sure-fire Tips and Tricks on how to keep hackers away.

Get ready to be impressed by Gino Quillamor, this episode's featured gamer in Interact.

And, finally, prepare to get burned by Joan, our sizzling calendar girl, in the Sizzlers!

So don't forget to turn your TV on and tune in to TV-5 MOG TV this Friday at 11:30pm!

Game on!

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misto said...

GM paki AUS nmn toh ung lapisXtal perfectDB ko +7 nwala naplitan ng lapiz xtal no slot no ups anu toh magic ng maintenance lng