Thursday, July 30, 2009

Be a Part of The Triad of Divinity

Astig ka ba talaga? Then why don't you and your friends prove it through CABAL Online's 3x3 Tournament and be the Triad of Divinity?

How to join?
Only levels 121 and above can join the CABAL 3x3 Tournament.
We will only accept the first 8 Teams who have registered in the Official FORUM thread for this competition.
Competition will be held in Channel 9 (Premium Channel) of each server in Desert Scream.

Requirement for Registration:
1. Participant’s Level should be at Level 121 and Above
2. 30,000,000 ALZ Registration FEE [Per Team]
3. Players must be willing to attend the FINAL ROUND in NCR for the Ultimate Triad of Divinity in September (Flight/Transportation expenses will not be shouldered by e-Games)

How to register?
The GM will be opening the Triad of Divinity Official Thread on Tuesday [July 28, 2009 12 noon]
Gamers who register for the Triad of Divinity (3x3) Online Tournament will be asked to use their actual in-game characters.

Official Registration Thread links:

Interested Teams must post the following in the Thread:

Team Members [Character Name and Level]:

Screenshot of Members:

The GMs will be only getting the first 8 Teams to sign-up per server. All posts with incomplete entries will not be honored. Should one of the first 8 Server Registrants back-out of the tournament, the GMs will be contacting the 9th team who registered for that server.

Qualified Participants/Teams must provide Team E-Games with the following [via EMAIL] after forum registration [c/o the Team’s TEAM LEADER]:

Their Team Name:
Registered e-Games Accounts of each of the Team Members:
Mobile Numbers of the Team Members:
Valid e-mails of the Team Members:

EMAIL should be sent to:

Battle Style: Guild War
Participants from each team will battle it out with each other via GUILD WAR

1.No use of any Third Party Program
2.Each player from the team should be composed of 3 DIFFERENT Character Classes. (ex. Blader, Warrior, Wizard)
3.No outsider is allowed to interfere while the guilds are on battle.
4.Any intruder/nuisance caused by a character not involved in the GUILD WAR will automatically be kicked from the channel. Cursing other Gamers, tournament participants, and facilitators will also be kicked.
5.No one is allowed to enter the town while engaged in battle, else they will be automatically be eliminated, unless if they have been re-spawned after being killed.
6.Characters are allowed to use their BMs.
7.The map that will be used is DESERT SCREAM. No one is allowed to reach the boundaries:





8.The first team to gain 10 kills from the opponent automatically wins.

At the end of the server matches, we will be having 1 Team to represent each server; giving us a total of 6 Teams in the finals.

Online Triad of Divinity 3x3 Tournament Set-up


During the INTER-SERVER Finals on September, we will provide all 6 teams with default/pre-made character to use for the on-ground ladder matches on the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Server 1 Vs. Server 2
Server 3 Vs. Server 4
Server 5 Vs. Server 6

All three teams from the elimination matches will do a SURVIVAL MODE battle (Single Elimination System) in-order to determine the TOP Team: The Overall Triad of Divinity.

Prizes per Server Competition:
The winning team from each server will receive the pot money prize given to the GMs and additional Periodical Premium Item from the CABAL Team.
Winners will also be featured in the CABAL Website.

NOTICE: The over-all winner per server must be willing to attend the National Tournament which will be held in NCR on September. Contenders from outside Manila should be willing to fly in to attend this event; else they will be disqualified from the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP.

Prizes, Mechanics and Event Schedules are subject to change without prior notice.
Note: ALL TOURNAMENT Participants are expected to be ready and are inside the event venue on the exact date.

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