Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Downtime Compensation Notice

Hello to all CABALists!

We sincerely apologize for the unexpected and prolonged downtime this evening (July 8th).

As a form of compensation, we will be awarding/inserting the following items to all users whose last login falls within the past three (3) days.

1 BB Plus 1Day (Bind)
1 BB War EXP 5 HOURS (Bind)
Note: 1 Set of Compensation per user only. Please expect compensation package to be inserted by end of day-July 10th.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

Good evening! ^^



danilo1987 said...

hello!! g.m,

..i Can't log on my acCount i don't know why?.. there's no eRror id or passWord Appear!! so i know.. i type my Login info. cOrrectly,,pLs.. do aCtions for me,, immediately!! tnx!!..^_^

bhudz said...


help nman poh..d ko mailogin un account ko..pag tpos nun emergency server maintenace d ko na malog in un main character ko..pero un mga lol lvl ko na char na nasa same account pwede..bkit nman po gnun..sana po maayos agad salamat..

bhudz said...


sa mecury nga pla server ko..schiffer name nun char ko ty!!

alphence said...

gm can you make another server?
i would like to go back in playing cabal but it would be better if theres a new server for us to start on. like some other online games when a new server comes out those players that stop playing cabal will come back to play. this is just my opinion, but really I've been waiting for a new server up until February. thx and more power.

Emmanuel said...

GM bakit D Po me makaLog in cnasabi lage please update or Please restart your PC

pag narerestart nman ako ala pa din nanyayari ehh.. kakaUpdate q lng.. Y_Y pa help nmn po qng panu gagawin q.