Friday, May 1, 2009

Join CABAL Online’s Summer EB!

e-Games & the CABAL Online team are calling on CABALists everywhere to join the CABAL Online Summer EB happening this May 9, 2009 at The Forum, Robinson’s Pioneer! Be there and meet your friends and guildmates from your favorite game, participate in the fun-filled activities and win tons of prizes! Why don’t you check out the cool stuff that we have in store for you:

6x6 Guild Battle Tournament

8 Teams will be allowed to register for the 6x6 Guild Battle Tournament.
Each team will be composed of 6 members.

Participants must present an unscratched 100 EP Card to the Tournament Registration Marshal.

Tournament Elimination:
Team 1 will compete against TEAM 2. The Winning Team will remain and compete with the other Teams until all TEAMs are eliminated. The team left standing after the tournament shall be declared the winner.

All tournament participants will use pre-made account provided by e-Games and the CABAL Online team (Default Set of Skills, Equipment, Potions).

Guild Battle Elimination Constraint:
The first team to achieve 15 Kills against the opposing team will win the match.

Level Race
10 people will be allowed to participate. The gamer with the highest level/exp bar after an hour shall be declared the winner.

Registration will be done on a first-come first-served basis.

Participants must present an unscratched 100 EP Card to the Tournament Registration Marshal.

Attendees will be allowed 20 minutes of free play.

Freeplay participants must have the CABAL Stamp from the Event Registration Booth.

Item Auction
Auction for 3 in-game pets (Outer Invader: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 10)
Payment will be in the form of e-Points

Live Chaos Lamp Event
Participants will pick 1 voucher from the Chaos Lamp and get the chance to win special in-game items.

Gamers can only claim 1 voucher upon event entry registration.

Hourly Raffle
Gamers who attend the event will earn one (1) raffle entry and get the chance to win CABAL Online merchandise and e-point cards. Attendees can earn additional raffle entries if they purchase EP Cards from the registration booth (1 raffle entry for every 50EP worth of cards).

Raffle Prizes:
CABAL Online merchandise
CABAL Online vouchers

Name that MAMAW (CABAL Quiz Bee)

Participants will get prizes when they correctly identify the name of the monster projected onscreen and answer trivia questions correctly.

To join, each of the participants must be able to comply during the “Bring Me” event.
5-10 Participants will be allowed to join in the NAME that MAMAW Event.

Guild Attendance
Participating guilds will be provided an attendance sheet from the CABAL Booth.

Participating guilds will be required to fill up the sheet and include at least 20 guild members. These members should be present during the event.

Upon completion, the guild leader must present at least P400 worth of unscratched EP CARDS (20 Members x 20EP card used for the entrance) to the marshal.

The marshal will only collect Attendance sheets with complete requirements. Guilds that were able to complete the attendance sheets will be rewarded with special in-game items.

In-game Prizes for the TOURNAMENT and ACTIVITIES:
+4 2-Slot Weapon SET [SIG METAL-Default] Account-Binding to the Grand Winner of the 6x6 Tournament
30D Blessing Bead Plus Voucher and 7D Astral Bike RW3 Crystal to the 48 Participants of the Tournament

Permanent Astral Bike BLUE to the LEVEL Race Winner
30D Platinum Service Vouchers and 7D Astral Board Vouchers to the 10 Level Race Participants

+4 2-Slot Weapon [SIG METAL-Default] Account [1 Piece Account Bind] to the Quiz/TRIVIA Event Winner [1 Person Only]
30D Blessing Bead Plus Voucher to the 10 Participants

7D Unreleased Costume VOUCHER for the GUILDS who were able to gather at least 20 MEMBERS to attend the EVENT [Guild Attendance Activity]

Freebies to be given to all event participants/registrants.

Hourly RAFFLE: 12:00PM to 7:00PM
30D Astral Bike Vouchers
30D Diamond Service Vouchers
Nevareth Husky PET
30D Unreleased Costume

An event that’s made with CABAL Online goodness from start to finish, what more can a CABAList ask for? So tell all your friends about it and prepare yourself for a grand CABAL weekend!

May 9, 2009 at The Forum, Robinson’s Pioneer (10:00am – 8:00pm)! See you there! ^_^


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