Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CABAL Online Mini Tournaments in CEBU! ^_^

The Queen City of the South’s RANatics and CABALists are in for a summer treat! RAN and CABAL Online will team up and tour Cebu City and nearby areas to spread some hardcore MMORPG action for Cebu’s e-gamers. We’ll be having a tournament for both RAN and CABAL players, Item selling for RANatics and a mini-auction for CABALists!, so do check out our itinerary and make sure to clear your schedules so you won’t miss this grand opportunity!

Dates and Areas (iCafe Name)
May 29 - Danao City (
May 30 - Lapu-Lapu City (Game City)
June 06 - Toledo City (Station 1)
June 12 - Talisay City (Game City)
June 13 - Mandaue City (Xzibits)
June 18 - Talamaban San Carlos (Eddy Joint)
June 19 - P. Del Rosario San Carlos Main (Gols)
June 20 - Cebu City, Sancianco (Budinz)

General Guidelines
• Registration will start at 2pm for all venues.
• Each participant must purchase at least 50 e-Points to be eligible to join the tournaments.
• There will be no limit to the denomination and number of cards each participant can purchase.
• Participants are required to follow the GM’s in-game instructions during preparation and the actual tournament.
• The tournament will restart if one or more participant gets disconnected.
• Each participant can only win once during the raffle.

CABAL i-CAFÉ Tournament: 4-vs-4 Knockout Elimination

• Each team will be composed of 4 members
• Participants will be provided with pre-made, level 170 characters (1 type of character class per team) equipped with Mithril set +7
• The winning participants will compete until the end of the match, whereas the non-winning participant will get knocked out.
• The battle will continue until one side's team is completely knocked out.
• TOTAL NUMBER of TEAMS: 8 (Ladder Match)

1. 7D Platinum Service Voucher
2. 1-Day Grinding Kit
3. 7D Avatar costume

i-CAFÉ WINNER’S PRIZE (Team to Represent the i-Cafe/Area)
1. 30D Crystal Astral Bike [BIND]
2. 30D Blessing Bead Plus [BIND]

(4 Gamers for the CULMINATING Event Only)
1. +4 2-SLOT SIG METAL WEAPON SET [Account Bind-based on the Class of the Registered Account]
2. 30D Diamond Service Voucher
3. Nevareth Husky PET [BIND]

2nd Placers:
1. +4 1-Slot SIG Metal Weapon SET [Account Bind-based on the Class of the Registered Account]
2. Nevareth Husky PET [BIND]

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toting said...

bat hindi pa dumating ung prize namin sa tournament....sabi kasi ng game in-charge na 1 week after the game namin makukuha ung prize...kami pala ung nanalo sa lapu-lapu tournament.....pls. follow-up...TY