Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lord of WAR Patch: Agent Shop/Auction House

Hello all!

Below are the details of the upcoming feature regarding the opening of the Agent Shop/Auction House come Lord of War Update implementation.

Source: CABAL Lord of WAR Updates Site

Located in the village of Bloody Ice, the Auction house feature will allow you to buy, sell and trade your items even when you are not online.

-Each item registered through the Auction House will be charged a sales tax (Sales Fee: 5% of total item sales price)
-Items can be cancelled and removed from the Auction House at any point prior to the final sale.
-A sales tax will not be charged if the item is cancelled or not sold.
-Premium members can register a maximum of five items in the Auction House. Non-premium members can register a maximum of three items in the Auction House.
-The registered item can be purchased at any time, even when the seller is not online.
-Item status will be changed to expired item if registered item is not sold within certain period
-You are not able to use the item, weapon/pet equipment, move, drop, loot, PvP, trade, invite party, open Warehouse/NPC store while interacting with the Auction House staff.
-Duration for Agent shop registration: 24 hours (same to Premium service/ Free trial)
-Event items can be registered in the Event category (excluding Periodical items)
-Able to register event item in Event category (Periodical items not included)
* Able to change registered item price and quantity any time
* Period is automatically extended if item is re-registered
* No Sales Fee for re-registration after expiration.
-Shortcut key for Refresh : F5
-Quick registration: Ctrl + Mouse Left click. Item is promptly registered to the empty slot.


IceDrill said...

wala bang crafting house dyan na pwede ka magbayad pra d na mahirapan mag ups ng gamit ??

kawaii_no_shoujo said...

there's no crafting house icedrill ^_^ try visiting for lord of war features

enn said...

hmmm pede n rin.. ok n 2 kesa sa wala

engel said...

why can't i see the auction house? sang banda yun?

darkconx said...

ahhh.ok.sorry.maghintay nalng kami d2.sana ibigay na un pass..thnx

voodookai said...

ok na ito... katulad na ng WoW
mas convenient... hehe

amfnessbladez said...

GM bakit shielder lang my bagong skill bigyan nyu nmn ung blader at fb ng bago, astig na nga ung wizzard at archer T_T >>>>>