Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Patch Testing with the GMs

Hello all!
Today we tested the latest patch that will be applied in the Live Servers [Nation War Patch] hopefully on August 12, 2008. This patch is for the integration of the Nation Wars.
Aside from the Nation Wars, there are also bug fixes and changes that will be applied in the game. One would be the switch of Quest rewards for the following Quests....

Quest Reward Change


Reward Before

Reward After


The Beholder of the Darkness Quest

2,000,000 Alz

Honor Point 3,200


The Hidden Treasure Quest

5,000,000 Alz

Honor Point 4,700


Dungeon Complete

Honor Point 3,000

Honor Point 5,000 / Core Cube

Honour points play an important role in Nation Wars for these points can be used to create Force Towers for offense and defense. The system of the War is quite complex at first but once you get the gist of it, you'll enjoy it big time! We'll be posting short guides and teaser information about the Nation War system soon and will leave the detailed aspects of the War for the gamers to experience first-hand once it is already integrated in the live servers.

Onga pala, here's the tentative Schedule for the Nation Wars...

- Individual Reward: Every Monday thru Friday and Sunday @ 18:00 – 20:00

- Nation Reward: Every Saturday @ 18:00 – 20:00

I'll post some screenies I took while preparing for the WAR. Here's a cool screen capture of the GMs learning skills from the instructions in preparation for the battle and waiting for the Nation War Channel to open....Eto naman screen capture with my latest NPC crush... Nakita ko lang sya sa may War Lobby. <3Then, here's a photo with the new GM Exclusive Crystal Bike! Astig no?!? ^_^
Here's the map for the Nation Wars. Laki no? ^_^Here's the Legacy weapon naman for the Force Blader! @_@
Finally, here are some battle scenes of the WAR....
Good Night! ^_^


kaioz said...

nice. speed hack FTW!

secreto said...

2dn nanaman ~_^

kaadikan said...

wow nice nation war i like it,, hehe, kaso wish ko lang mag trans na ako at mag high level,, wahahaha

ritchell said...

mithril armor nyo gm ha pwde hingi ng ganyan...

ritchell said...

i saw the real reward when u win at nation war...maganda na sword maganda pa sa mithril i hope u dont change it gm..

iSeL said...

That crystal bike looks wicked!

Haru said...

woot ate isel! ehehehe

nikki said...

GM panu po mag aply 4 GM pd pa po b???loyal po ako gus2 po ninyo test nyo po ako..paki add po ako sa friendster e2 po plzzz mabait naman po ako e pd po b makipag freinds..^^