Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Calling all CABAL Online PH Guild Leaders!
We are currently making a master list of all GUILDS for CABAL Online. We are requesting all Guild Leaders to have their guild officially listed in our Community Master list. This list will be used in contacting Guild Leaders in case there are activities, issues, and events that need to be communicated to our Community Leaders.

In this regard, we ask all guild leaders to submit the following information to our GUIL D EMAIL:
EMAIL Subject: Name of Guild/Server

Guild Name:
Name of Guild Master:
Character Name of Guild Master:
Location of the Guild:
YM Id of the Guild Leader:
Mobile Number of the Guild Leader:

Thanks and we hope for your Guild’s continued Support! ^_^


secreto said...

1st 6_6

kaadikan said...

wow ok i will send my info... ^^

ritchell said...

tnx po 3rd post...

eLru said...

Is this Legit? Baka naman mamaya bigla na ma-hack account namin hehe ^^ .. Just want to make sure.

ritchell said...

gm wal naman to klaro eh di man lamang kyo ng txt khit sa chikka man lamang syang pera ko sa kakahintay sa nationwar saturday 6pm tapos 1 channel lang tapos pag 8pm 2 chanel ano ba tlga schedulke random u naman yata. nakak badtrip naman to gm hintay pa ako sa cafe kasi dami tao doon lang na cafe ang safe tapos hintay pa sa waitinglist syang n syang tlga ang money as in tlga gm post nyo naman ang tamang schedule tnx po.. sometime nakakdispoint naman pag ganito lagi...