Thursday, August 7, 2008

An open letter to CABALists and i-Cafe owners

Dear faithful gamers of CABAL,

News of some players exploiting the use of third party programs in order to gain advantage in the game has been a concern we’ve been trying to address since this has been brought to our attention.

By engaging in the use of these programs, the gaming environment tilts to an imbalanced level. While you may advance in rank and accumulate your wealth, other gamers who play and devote their earnest time in grinding become disadvantaged over this.

The use of third party programs and even private servers are an outright violation of the e-Games/CABAL Online Terms of Service, and are thus considered illegal. These actions also prove to be detrimental to the game and the community we all love.

As such, we would like to strongly encourage you, CABALists, and even our esteemed partner i-Cafes to practice fair gaming and to avoid distributing/using third party programs and private servers. Tell your friends and your customers to play and enjoy the game the normal and safe way. In that perspective, not only do you appreciate your character’s steady growth, you’ll also get to know this great community of active gamers.

Rest assured that we are still strictly enforcing the necessary penalties for those caught engaging in this illegal practice. We shall continue to remain vigilant and watchful over those who violate the rules. We hope that you will also remain the same as we continue to nurture this great community of avid CABAL players.

Let us work together to make CABAL Online the best game there is!

Team e-Games/CABAL


kaadikan said...

nice, sana nga sumunod po ang lahat,, ^^ wish ko lang,,,

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ritchell said...

i cafe...???hmmm kaso ang helpdesk nyo super bagal useless tlga...di maka help...if player need help...

Christopher said...

whew grabe naman, yeah tama naman, depende sa pag ask mo ng help. And also be precise and accurate in reporting and also of course kailangan din ng mga support ng mga i cafe clients. GOod luck to all

secreto said...

GM. bastos naman ung front line na yan kita ung utong ng wiz ~_^

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