Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Name that CO PH SERVER!!!

Hello e-Gamers!
OK cge everyone knows that CABAL Online will be coming na this summer. In preparation for the launching of CABAL [which will be announced soon], the e-Games MMO Team would like to hear from you as to what would be the best and most astig SERVER Name we can have for the first Cabal Online PH Server.

Please post your suggestions and proposals in this sample format:
Proposed Server Name: [ your proposed Server Name ]
Reason: [In 2-3 Sentences, discuss why this name would best suit the name of the first CO PH Server]

Thanks! [^_^]


darwin said...

hi we are waiting for the cabal to open, and us in pampanga are most likely exited for it... and for the server name that we have voted here is ----rage----. we will full apreciate it if you will make this one of the name in the CABAL.. thanks for the games that we are having a lot of fun when playing it and ofcourse we all met each other on the e-games


server fury

†Crucify† said...

†_† hi to all †_†
†_† im very excited to play †_†
†_† this new game †_†
†_† the trailer is awesome †_†
†_† for the server name †_†
†_† i think ~~ Crucify ~~ †_†
†_† is good Or Maybe †_†
†_† Devotion is good to †_†
†_† um bec. its the name †_†
†_† i want to use in this game †_†
†_† i would apreciate if u use †_†
†_† those name i gave †_†
†_† i hope this game will open †_†

Josel said...

hi sa inyo sabik na maglaro ng bagong game na to... para sa server name Sacred... why..?
dahil ang ibig sabihin nito ay banal.. kaya sacred ang binigay kong name dahil tingin ko ito ang bagay sa laro dahil kapag may kasamaan may kabutihan...

marlon said...

I suggest Anito Server for CO. I think it was great for us that we know about that Filipino word. Like what we have server name Alamat and Kalayaan on RanPh.Anito Server can be mean that people have some rules, tributes, love, faith and teamwork and the bad sides that form in the world etc. Like what I imagine to compare the CO. ^_^

I hopefuly if this suggestion of the server name will allow.

See yahhh.....

Dan Paul said...


"art" for
Art - the products of human creativity.

"hus" for
Hustler - skills who deliberately keeps a higher handicap to take advantage of.

Danielski said...

hmmmm... i suggest "Virtus"

Virtus means -
was a specific virtue in Ancient Rome. It does not mean virtue in general, but something more like valor, manliness, excellence, courage, character, and worth (perceived masculine strengths, which may indicate its derivation from vir, man). It was thus a frequently stated virtue of Roman emperors, and was personified as a deity.

thanks you prefer this name...

Ryan said...

Hi po sa inyung lahat....
Exited na kami mag laro ng CABAL mga Warrock players kami^^ isang shop pero ang iba nag kanaya kanya na pero tlga ito ang pinaka the best na online game para sa akin^^


ka name ng event sa e-games
hehehe.. wala akong pa akong maisip na mas maganda eh^^

dairubreathe said...


i dont know where i heard..
un pmsok s isip ko kgad ehh..



ewn ko kng no meaning nyn..
naisip ko lng ult..heheehe..

i cant wait..
launch nio nah..^.^

louie said...


its a underworld fantasy.chosen by the goddess of sea.to eliminate its enemy...and to stand one of survivor in the end.

Sana ito poh mapili natin server, name. gogogogo na.

Nichol said...

Hi 2 all aDik sa e-games I suggest..ARKO or Ark Server..Dahil e2 napili kung Name ng Sever Dahil 3 Days kung ini-isip yan. Alam nyo ba Story ni Noah,s Ark lahat ng...
mababait na tao at ha hayop isinakay sa Arko ni Noah at ang masasama namn ay iniwan .......I hopefuly sana makuha e2 ng server name ng cabal online salamat po sa mga bumubuo ng e-games ^_6 Server Arko or Ark

GR said...

sana ang server ay mga lugar ng pilipinas yan sana ang gusto ko para mas pilipinong2x para sariling atin ba...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Mga ElEmeNtZ na LaNG Pra ?????
\m/ ^_^ \m/

Anonymous said...

ok sana po ung cool na mga elements ang ilagay nu sana ung mas astig pakinggan......sana po may price ako kac nag comment ako hehe malapit na ang cabal yahoo...mag lalaro nyan yahoooa more power para sa company ng e-games.....sana mag send ang e-games company ng mail sa akin e2 po>>>abadiezx_gr@yahoo.....sana may price ako hehehe joke lang po....

reymark said...
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arlene said...

pede rin Legendz

ala lng cool cya pkinggan ska parang pang epic ang dating ng CAbal characters habang lumalakas ang mga charcters eh nagiging legendary s mundo ng cabal o d bah?!^_^

Anonymous said...

i think mas ok ung name nah..tagalog den kz para mas anticipate ng player..bakit??..kz filipino nmn ang player di ba??..natural nah dapat Filipino din ang naem db guys??db mga Cabaliers??........

[F.A.]Kupid0 said...

Hi There Sana Magkroon na ng Cabal
Exited n akoh!!!! hahahaha
Suggest Server Name ko Ay Vishnu At Shiva Greek God Of War And Destruction Diba Aztig!!!^_^ Suggest lng Naman hehehe Cge Gud Luck To All Of Us CABALIER'S