Monday, March 24, 2008

Cabal Online @ e-Games Domination II

E-Games the leading local game publisher in the country will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary this coming April 6th 2008 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

This event is called e-Games Dom1nation II, one of the biggest gathering for the online gaming community for this first half of 2008.

The Event is sponsored by Globe and Red Fox. There will be Cosplay Activities, Game Tournaments, Band performances and other surprise special highlights for all participating e-Gamers.

One of the special highlights of this event is the introduction of CABAL Online to the e-Gamers. There will be a CABAL Booth dedicated for Game demo and Game Trials. Another proposed activity in the Cabal booth would be the exclusive sign-up for CABAL DVD or CD pre-ordering where selected registrants will be given a chance to receive the CABAL Game Installers in advance delivered directly to their home addresses. Limited amounts of Cabal Online Posters will be available in the Cabal Booth as part of the freebies if you participate in the Passport Activities during the event.

If you guys and gals want to attend this event and avoid the hassle of going through the long registration lines, worry not!

E-Games has provided everyone a chance to pre-register for this big event.

Just visit:
-Click on Pre-Register

-Fill-up the pre-registration form correctly.

-Print the Confirmation Page.

-Prepare a Valid ID and a printed copy of the Confirmation Page and proceed to the FAST Lane Section of the SMX Convention Center on April 6, 2008.

See you there! [^_^]m

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