Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cabal Online Philippines' D-Day : March 24, 2008 12:00 Noon.

12 noon of March 24
th is marked date in the CABAL.COM.PH Website.
The local Cabal Online Website contains a timed countdown which intrigues the whole local online gaming community as to what this countdown is for.

Is it the countdown for the release of CABAL Online PH Closed beta?
Is it for the initial launching of the Cabal Online Philippine Website?
Is the countdown a preliminary teaser for anticipating gamers to get the official score on the destiny of Cabal Online in the Philippine market?
Will the game be available for download after the countdown?
Or is it just a countdown for us to know which gaming company will locally publish the Game?

The countdown goes on as every online gamer awaits the uprising of the most-anticipated MMORPG in the country- Cabal Online: The Revolution of Action.


MAKISIG said...

sana ilabas na talaga tong astig na game na to kasi almost 1 year ko na xang pinapangarap na laruin T_T come come come NA!!!!!!

dairubreathe said...

i found this game just last week..ewan ko nga eh..kng bt search ako ng search last week ng mmorpg..nkpsttka..well by the s kkhanp ko..nkkta dn ako ng gs2ng gs2 ko..ang cabal online..kht 2nd like mmorpg lng q xa..interesting n dn..i really like the more stunning and action games..naadik ako s 1st mmorpg n nktat ngs2hn ko pro d ko malro kc mhrp mkpsok and regs..tpos nkta ko n nmn 2..d ko dndwnlod kta ko d p pde s pinas..ngsulat p ko s forums nla kng meron PH version ng cabal..tas sbi soon..tas accidentally nkta ko cabal s E-games..hehhehe..s wakas ngaung summer n dw..subrang eenet ang summer ko n2..

Ryan said...

para saan ba talga ang countdown na yan? dami nagtatanong kung para san yan... kung pwede lang sana irelease nyo na ung client para naman handa na kami in-case na ready to play na yan.. T_T