Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NPC EVENT: Blessed Cores

Yul is back after her long journey in search for hidden treasures of the Pastur Continent.
Upon discovering an enchanted area in the north region, the Holy Guardians bestowed on her some blessed cores.

She was ordered to bring this into the depths of Green Despair for the benefit of the citizens of Nevareth.

It was Yul's great mission to sell some Upgrade cores to the worthy fighters of Nevareth.

Event Duration: July 8th to July 22th
Event item informationL Upgrade Core High
- Sold by Event NPC Yul
- Price: 800,000 Alz
- Untradeable

Event Mechanics are subject to change without prior notice.


OMGvivienlopez said...

I have a question, but I can't find the Q&A box. Is the Cabal storyline loosely based on Greek Mythology, as in the character of Prometheus, and then they used the character fictitiously? Thanks :)

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