Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NPC EVENT: Pet Monster Attack!

Whatever has turned good pets evil is changing the world of Nevareth as we know it! As a result, the bad pets just would not go away! Nevareth is going to need your help to clear them out and the spoils of war will be your rewards.

How to Participate
1. Monsters will appear in the certain places.
2. There will be two different monsters per world each in different locations.
3. Users will be able to pick up items from Dire Boar KING if the user has at least one hit.
4. The user who gave the largest damage will be able to pick up items from Crag Turtle KING.

Event Details
1. Monster appears on all maps
a. Dire Boar King and Crag Turtle will appear in the two different locations in a map.

* Monster Grade 1 being the strongest.

2. Monster emerging time
a. Within 1 to 4 hours randomly after the monster dies. (6 times min./24 times max. per day)

3. Monster Design
a. From 1 to 4 monster grade available.
b. Crag Turtle King has lower defense than Dire Boar King, and Crag Turtle King as higher offensive strength than Dire Boar King.
Crag Turtle King: Item loot permission is decided upon the total attack on the monster.
Dire Boar King: Item loot permission is given to any users with at least one hit on the monster.

4. Skill EXP can be gained / EXP cannot be gained.
5. Multi-drop of 7 items
6. Monster drop rate vary by its grade

Q. Does the Crag Turtle King and Dire Boar King has different power and item drops by maps?
A. Yes, their power vary and they drop little bit different items by maps.

Q. Where can I find Crag Turtle King and Dire Boar King?
A. From all maps. They appear randomly in maps so see it for yourself.