Monday, June 21, 2010

Secrets of Radiant Hall!

Secrets of Radiant Hall

Get a sneak peek at our newest update!

The patch won’t be implemented until July, but you can prepare for it as early as now. Read through the patch notes below and see what’s in store for you next month.

You can also discuss the newest patch through our official forums. Just follow this link and voice out your thoughts!

1. Added Daily Quests

New quests will be initialized at 12 midnight everyday.

2. Key Mapping and Option Renewal

Set your own shortcut keys while playing the game. A new “Chat” macro has also been added.

3. New MD Illusion Castle Radiant Hall

Characters who are at least level 130 can enter the new location. To enter, you will need the item “Apocalypse of Outer World” (Item name subject to change). The new map is located at Lakeside Illusion Castle (X:171, Y:171) and will award worthy adventurers with 15,000 honor points and the title “Phantasmal Origin Specialist”* (HP increasing option) (*item names are subject to change).

Radiant Hall

4. Added Unique Accessory: Drosnin’s Earrings (Item name subject to change)

This new item is for players who are at least level 130. Basic option includes Defense +10, Defense rate +100. Unique options include Defense +5/+10/+15, HP +20/+35/+50 & HP Steal Cap +10/+15/+20. One among these options will be given randomly. The item will be binded to the character and up to two can be equipped.

5. New DX Dungeon: Catacomb Frost

The new dungeon is for characters who are at least level 110. The entrance item required for the new dungeon is the Frozen Clue. The new dungeon is located in “The Altar of the Blizzard” in Bloody Ice.

6. New Party Search and Improved Party System

Characters who don’t have a party can now create a party search by enabling the party shortcut key (default: P). You can now also make a party with people who have the same quests so you and your partymates have one goal, making questing easier! Be reminded though that you won’t be able to use the party search function if you’re in a war channel or DX dungeon.


Don’t forget to tune in to CABAL Online’s official website for more updates about the latest patch: Radiant Hall!

In preparation for the upcoming MAJOR Patch this July 22nd, you can now download the PASSWORD-Protected Manual Patch in advance to avoid the SERVER Traffic on the day the patch will be released in the LIVE SERVERS.

Please wait for the OFFICIAL Announcement of the MANUAL Patch PASSWORD before installing the patch in your Game Clients.

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