Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hello CABALists!

Please do check out the newly released items in the CASH SHOP!

1. Epaulet CHAOS BOXES
This is your chance to acquire periodical +7 and +8 EPAULETS from the CASH Shop. You can choose if you want to earn an Epaulet of Guardian, Sage or Fighter.

2. BUFF Potions
Increase your Character's STATS using these BUFF Potions!
Various Buff potions are now available in the CASH Shop!

3. Pet Safety Kit
The ability to extract and transfer learned pet skill/s into another Pet Card using a gem.

The Anima Gem will serve as container of the pet skills. When used to another Pet Card, all skills will be replaced by the skills contained in the gem.

Happy e-Gaming! ^_^

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