Monday, January 18, 2010

Get ready for the hottest costume in town!

Nevarethans will definitely dance to the tune of Jai Ho with these sizzling hot new costumes!

The Dancing Temptation Set, was brought to Nevareth an Egyptian merchant warrior. Legend says that upon wearing the dancing temptation, spirits shall encompass the depths of a wearer’s soul--especially when it is worn while dancing.

Thus, the costume comes with a reasonable price for unlimited and 30-Day use!
Dancing Temptation Set (Suit and Mask) 850 CABAL Cash
Permanent/Gift Box Costume (Suit Only) 780 CABAL Cash
30D Costume (Suit Only) 330 CABAL Cash

Men wearing these sumptuous suits appear mysterious as their faces become partly concealed with a silken mask. While ladies shall partly show off some skin reminding CABALists of the bedleh or the Egyptian belly dancing costume.

But alas, these special costumes shall only be available from January 21 to February 4, 2010. Until then, they shall be reclaimed by the Egyptian warrior.

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