Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Celebrate the HOLIDAYS only here in CABAL Online!

Feel the spirit of the holiday season as CABAL Online celebrates the Nevarethan Holiday!

Can’t think of a present for your buddy?
Why not give him/her a pet or a costume? Better yet, a bunch of Blessing Beads?

Watch out for the release of new and Christmas-themed items such as Santa Suits, Rudolph Pets, Sleighs, and snow Star/Ice Weapon Skins this month of December.

Happy Holidays!

30-Day Christmas Chat Bubble
30-Day Santa Sleigh
30-Day Funny Antler Headgear
30-Day SNOW STAR Red Weapon Set
30-Day SNOW ICE Blue Weapon Set

1 comment:

Aris Espiritu said...

Ang sagwa ng bad santa ngaun dapat katulad dati ung loot my uchh para lahat masaya.