Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gamer Advisory

Dear CABAL gamers,

We highly discourage real money trading or buying gold/ALZ/Characters from unofficial websites/gamers to avoid scams & other unfortunate events.

Please be reminded that we will NOT offer any support or help if you get scammed by these websites or players.

Thank you.

TEAM E-Games


zigmond said...

gm elp poh me na hack aq...d ko na maksan ung account ko...pls elp me....e-mail me mc_nomgiz14@yahoo.com..............elp tuungan nin u aq mabalik ung account ko

Lopol said...

Dear E-games

please bring back the old rank up system beacause it is very hard for all of us to level up.my skill is novice 15/16 (color red)please bring the old beauty of cabal online.One of my friend said:bakit ganon ung cabal pumangit dahil sa rank up requirments madami nahihirapan masyado mataas rank class bago mag rank up". im begging e-games to bring the old rank up system
your biggest fan in cabal

Lopol said...

please bring back the rank up system skill please we are begging e-games.cabal was a very nice game because of the rank class it became a very very not beautiful bring it back please. We are all expecting