Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coming Soon: Monsters invade the world of Nevareth!

The esteemed Sages of Nevareth are faced with a crisis that threatens the very existence of all things peaceful in the land. According to an intelligence report submitted by the Head Officers of the five cities, mutated versions of the Dire Boar and Crag Turtle monsters have infested several locations, wrecking havoc in their wake.

The Sages have released an edict which enlists all able-bodied CABALists to cleanse the land of these abominations. But of course, no dangerous task will go unrewarded! Take this opportunity to show your prowess in on the battlefield!

Monster Attack Event Mechanics:
1. The Dire Bore King and Crag Turtle King will appear in certain locations.
2. There will be two different monsters per world, each located in different areas.
3. Players will be able to pick up items from the Dire Boar King if they have at least one hit.
4. Players who gave the largest damage will be able to pick up items from the Crag Turtle King.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Where will the monsters appear?
A: The Dire Boar King and Crag Turtle King will appear in two different locations in a particular map.

Q: What’s the spawn time of these monsters?
A: Monsters will randomly emerge from 1 to 4 hours after they die (6 times minimum/24 times maximum per day).

Q: How powerful are these monsters?
A: The monsters range from 1 to 4 grades. The Crag Turtle King has lower defense compared to the Dire Boar King, but it has a higher offensive strength than the latter.

Q: How do we get the loot?
A: Crag Turtle King: Item loot permission is decided upon the total attack on the monster.
Dire Boar King: Item loot permission is given to players who can make at least one hit.
Note: Players can only get Skill EXP from these monsters.

Q: What items can we get from the monsters?
A: Players can get a variety of items such as: cores (perfect, upgrade, force), Epaulets, core enhancers, slot extenders, Alz and other rare items! Monsters’ drop rate varies by its grade.

Watch out for further announcements on as to when this event will take place!


andotz said...

sana nman magdrop nrin nang mga rol+2, or boards, or bikes mga to. not everybody has 1.5b [mars server] to spend pra sa mga yan

NeverBeenSatisfied said...

oi mga GM bkit prati ako nadDC sa mga dungeon? pagdating ko sa mga boss nadDC ako agad...khit san shop ako mglaro gnito ang nangyayari sa akin!!ayosin nyo e2...nkakabadtrip na kayo ha!! may bgo n nmang "PATCH" pro ang "SPEED HACKER" d nyo parin maayos!! OK lng ang BOT normal nman un ang "SPEEDHACKER" sobra n un...ang daming PROCAYON ang gumagamit nun sa pghunt ng items!! lalo na sa berderk sa lakeside bantayan nyo yan!!

hayzzzzz said...

ok yan sana post nyo kung kylan lalabas ^^ madame na yaman sa mga k2lad na yan ok yan sana every month meron madame mananatili sa cabal kapag mayaman ang accnt nila!!

pag mayaman ang char.. mas nagiging LOYAL in my opinion lng nmn ^_^

Mercury server sadyang MAYAMAN lng tlga ^^